Monday, May 11, 2009

“global filipino”

Someone has finally and rightfully achieved the eminent title of “Global Filipino”. The attribution is definitely not something claimed by a merely personal caprice of the title holder but legitimately conferred on him by both official and popular acclamation. Determination, sacrifice and sweat plus faith are truly a formidable combination. And this recipe for success has been long since observed and lived by the world boxing champion several times over. Result: he does not only enjoy fame but also has built a fortune.

The only key let-down in this living history is that the same global figure seems to aspire at being a district politician. From being a uniting person in the Country, there seems to be a strong temptation for him to instead become a disuniting character in the land precisely by throwing his hat into the political arena – with the probably honest intention of “helping the people” which has been long since the tired and tiring excuse of practically all reigning and wannabe politicians.

In the event that the now world famous and admired Filipino succumb to the whisperings of devious politicians plus the questionable promptings of certain money salivating individuals, this would be not simply a big pity but also a veritable whammy. In other words, for him to in effect register himself as a political candidate even with a proper political party – this would be nothing less than his shameful entrapment into eroding his now much cheered and idolized and well loved and admired person.

In this Country and during these particular times, politicians by and large are not exactly admired, much less respected individuals. True or false, a very big majority of politicians from the local to the national levels are likewise identified with local and national graft and corrupt practices, are looked upon as infamous incarnations of greed and deceit. There is the pervasive sense in Philippine society that it is downright hypocrisy to append the virtues of honesty and integrity to ruling politicians. Rightly or wrongly, there is this persistent perception that having a political office is antithetical to living an upright life.

Furthermore, in the here and now of this Country, there is that strong and distinct consciousness that politicians and self-interest, self-promotion plus consequent self-service are the one and the same composite reality. This is exactly why “helping the people” and being a politician does not exactly go hand-in-hand in the real world of Philippine politics. With his stature and fame and resources, the World Champ should rather put up Foundations for food production, for education and for other worthy causes – with the collaboration of other international and national Foundations with the same avowed generous and genuine objectives.

Wherefore, why would someone who practically have the world in his hands, even but think of going down to the perceived dirty world of local politics!?

+OVCruz, DD
May 11, 2009