Monday, May 11, 2009

dignity of the human person

The ontological dignity and intrinsic invaluable nature of the human person is the fundamental basis of society, the radical premise of civilization and the raison d’etre of development. Without the human person, the reality and purpose of society become a physical and moral impossibility; the essence and finality of civilization have no sense, no bearing neither here or there; the significance and pursuit of development is not only irrelevant but also nonsensical. Reason: In the last analysis, the human person is the underlying cause and reason of society, civilization and development.

It is the inherent dignity of the human person that in fact necessarily, strictly and formally forwards the distinction and import of human rights. Such is the objective reality of the essential and intimate pairing of the human person and human rights that the former cannot be without the latter, and vice versa. The truth is that the mandatory respect for human rights is in more ways than one, equals to the obligatory reverence for the human person. It is futile to separate one from the other as this would be basically contrary to both the postulate of reality and the light of reason.

Furthermore, the dignity of the human person and the consequent respect for human rights, begin from the moment of conception of the human being, continues to his gestation, goes on with his birth and accompanies him until death. In the event that human dignity plus human rights do not begin to exist and to command respect from conception, exactly when do such precious personal attributions actually become realities? One, two or three months or more, after conception? And why? Are these legal months of 30 days or real months of either 30 or 21 days? Why? And what happens if the month has but 28 or 29 days? What now?

Woe to those who fool around with human persons, who belittle human lives, who trample upon human dignity, who violate human rights – in the event that these have the gall to claim that they too are human persons. Such characters should know and remember how they treat others cannot but eventually have its impact on how others will subsequently treat them. This is neither a mere sterile theory not a kind of mental gymnastics. Such eventual reciprocity is living reality as testified to by continuing human history. The constant lamentation is man never learns – so it seems. This pathetic reality usually comes to fore when certain individuals assume positions of power, hold offices of authority and/or begin having guns.

The challenge is simple enough: Without human persons, what is really left but Divinity? Without then, the families, communities and the society would be but thoughts and drawings. Countries, continents and the world, too, would have no purpose or reason to be. Then, business and industry, education and employment, public welfare and social services, food and drink as well would be all irrelevant. Bless you Divinity for humanity! Praise to you Divine Person for the human person!

+OVCruz, DD
May 8, 2009