Monday, May 04, 2009

christian country with an unchristian government

Say it is a strange phenomenon. Call it a marked contradiction. Brand it as a falsity and hypocrisy of the first class. Whatever it is, the perplexing if not downright disgusting truth is that the Philippines is the only Christian Country in Asia that is however woefully under the rule of a most corrupt government in the same continent as a whole -- with the correct and proper note that the national leadership with its intimate cohorts and favored allies are mostly Christians, or openly claims to be so. So, how on earth could Christianity bring about such odious governing characters and vicious ruling individuals!? What exactly are the fatal sins of the Christian Filipinos to deserve such an definitely unchristian government !? What great wrong has Christian Philippines brought to the Country to have so grossly corrupt, deceitful and unjust political leaders from Malacanang down to the Provinces, Cities and Municipalities!?

This is not to mention the more perplexing fact and compounding thought that the top government leader of the Filipinos and of their Country even claims to have personal and direct communication with God! Truth to say, such a miraculous privilege belongs only to the very righteous, virtuous and saintly individuals. There must be something very salacious or ridiculous -- or both -- if someone claiming such a distinct prerogative before heaven is precisely so far, the most distrusted, depreciated and suspected personality in the land. This is contradiction incarnate. This is duplicity in the flesh. This is either dangerous consummate madness or fearful downright witchcraft.

Speak of graft and corruption, talk of conceit and deceit, think of flagrant cheating and gross lying, consider unconscionable dissipation and malversation of public funds, look at the commandeered justice system and the captured legislature. and behold the poverty and misery of the people whose land is rich in natural resources and who all pay inevitable indirect taxes from birth to death. For all these socio-moral and political maladies, who comes to mind if not a newly self-proclaimed Czar in Malacanang -- with the latter's usual filial entourage of very deferential and admirably submissive people from the right and the left.

The over-all question from all the above real and living contradictions is that something must be very wrong somewhere as far as local Christianity and the national community are concerned. After no less than some 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines with practically 85% of the Filipinos considered Christians, and with a big majority of their key political leaders claiming to be Christians as well, why is the Philippine government so unchristian, so devoid of moral principles and ethical standard? Is it because the Christian Churches in the Country -- specially the Catholic Church -- miserably failed in their so many and so long evangelizing work among the big majority of the Filipinos. Or is it because a great number of Filipinos, the equally big number of their political leaders have not really learned what is Christianity and how it is lived? Either or both of the two possibilities say the same thing: Yes. Somewhere is very wrong somewhere, somehow.

+OVCruz, DD
4 May 2009