Wednesday, April 29, 2009

discouraging. disturbing. disgusting

There is this “Man of God”, this “Man of the Cloth” and “Man of Prayer” who sired a child from a woman when he was a Priest. For one reason or another, he became a Bishop. And as such, he even sired two more children from the two more different women. Eventually he became a politician - a President at that of a Country. In all this errant disposition and erratic actuation, he knowingly and willfully, repeatedly and grossly violated the Commandments of God, as well as the pertinent Laws of the Church. And adding salt to injury, he nevertheless appears cool and calm!

He certainly is a living discouragement to multi-billion Catholics trying their best to observe the articles and norms of their Christian faith and morals, respectively. He is also a big definitive socio-spiritual disturbance to the Catholic Church as a whole. He is finally nothing less than a huge disgust – a scandalous sign of contradiction – to the ranks of the Clergy the world over, specially the body of the Catholic Hierarchy. Such is the most rational and realistic “judgment” that can be made on him. To claim and insist that no judgment should be passed on him here and now on earth--without necessary reference to the hereafter and beyond in the Eternal Kingdom--such a posture is not only numb but also dumb.

One thing appears certain: If the man herein concerned is morally bankrupt in both his status as a Priest and a Bishop, how could he be really morally upright as a politician!? This brings to mind the consecrated saying: “corruptio optimi est pessima.” Translation: The corruption of the best is the worst. In other words, it is so hard to trust someone who is untrustworthy. In effect, this is also like saying that anyone with a corrupt value system, engages in corruption as a matter of course--to expect and wait for the opposite is not only dopey but also wacky. Otherwise, it would be asking and expecting nothing less than a miracle of first class to intervene.

In a way, such a priestly atrocious deed and Episcopal ignominious actuation in the Church is not the first of its kind, and in all probability, it will neither be the last. From the very foundation of the Church by Christ Himself, there was already that disastrous figure of an incarnate lover of money, a detestable traitor, an expression of eventual suicidal act. This following is an infallible certitude. The church is holy because her Founder is Holy. Sinfulness in the Church however is squarely premised on the weakness of her human constituents--the Laity and Religious, the Priests and Bishops.

Incidentally, there was that likewise popular “pro poor” Priest who not too long ago, also became the President of his country. More sooner than later however, the very people who elected him into office booted him out. Among other things, there seems to be some kind of the infamous “Sword of Damocles” ever hanging right at the head of a Catholic cleric who thereafter instead threw his hat into the arena of politics--thereby concretely turning his back to everything he sworn upon his Sacred Ordination.

+OVCruz, DD
April 29, 2009