Wednesday, April 01, 2009

as the country sinks, pagcor rises

The ruling administration is no longer funny for its glowing official attention accorded to the staged famous “Bankang Papel” and its glorious infamous vision of “Super Regions” in the Country. The present administration is certainly not wanting in basically imaginary projections plus other markedly hallucinatory socio-economic plans/programs together with its one too many formal pronouncements of glorified ghost achievements in the sphere of business and industry, in the area of peace and order. Concrete results: Extensive poverty and hunger extrajudicial killings and summary executions. Forced disappearances and media killings. Proliferation of illegal drugs and many well organized criminal syndicates. All these could mean anything but the hilarious claim of a “Strong Republic”.

This is not to mention the Broadband Network that in fact became a network of corruption. There is even nothing said here about the fertilizer that nurtured the cemented highways and asphalted roads in many cities. Neither is anything here pointed out about the Quedancor magic that made both capital and pigs disappeared into thin air. Nor is there something herein said about the WB Report that exposed the long standing tripod of Construction-Collusion-Corruption in pitiful Philippines. And how about the multi-billion peso “full” automation of the supposedly 2010 National Elections? While there cannot be but some people who know how to make it work, there are also enough characters in the Country who know how to ruin it. The “Hello Garci?” melodramatic presentation said so much of Philippine elections!

But wait! Less they be all bad news, the incumbent administration sees to it - in its twisted understanding and cross-eyed perspective – that even if the Country is sinking in its socio-economic situation and stinking in its socio-moral standing, there is something supposedly “good news” presumably for Filipinos to rejoice and be proud of. This: The now rising “cutting edge” Philippine Gambling Corporation owned and operated by the government itself. Cost: A whopping $15 million dollars. Place: No less than 120 hectares of “reclaimed” land along Manila Bay. Cover-up: It is an “entertainment resort” aimed for “leisure travel” in “big league” scale – but just the same, where “really serious players”, i.e., Big Time Gamblers – go “to roll in”.

Las Vegas and Macao – please stand aside! Big-time money launderers – welcome to the Philippines! Drug Lords, Jueting Lords, Lords of Graft and Corruption – be ready to gamble really big! Guns and goons after gold – you now where to go! Local and foreign professional gamblers - there is a place specially designed for your pleasure and convenience!

Away with toil and parsimony. Down with honesty and integrity. Long live illegal and “legal” gambling! Labor and industry – be gone! Indolence and luck – welcome! This is the odious scheme of this administration! This is the pitiful lot of the Philippines!

+ OVCruz, DD
April 1, 2009