Friday, April 24, 2009

2001 sona song

It is good to revisit certain supposedly great agenda and significant projections triumphantly sang by the then newly installed Malacanang tenant on the signal occasion of the 2001 SONA. The records show that the Sona Song in 2001 had one over-all objective for eventual realization through three definite and defined basic means.

The over-all objective was proclaimed to be the triumph over mass poverty in the Country said to have been caused specially by the previous administration. The basic means officially opted for the actualization of the said objective were three: one, the affirmation of free enterprise; two, the modernization of agriculture, three, a higher moral standard.

Needless to say, there was then great rejoicing in the Country brought about by a previous elating Edsa 2. The people were much expectant of a better government specially on the part of the Executive Department, and wherefore a better future particularly in the matter of national economy – considering that the Chief Executive was supposed to be some kind of an economic expert with excellent training in a foreign land even.

So the years passed by slowly one after another. Today, 2009, what has the exactly same reigning Malacanang occupant achieved – considering but the latter’s main mission admirably proclaimed during the exhilarating 2001 Sona? This simple question brings to mind a good amount of heart-breaking realities, a wide-range of disconcerting events and disgusting discoveries. In other words, the then Sona Song now proves to be one big broken despicable record, one huge lamentable historical falsity.

Free Enterprise? This is distinctly strange, considering that there is practically no enterprise needing to be free. There is practically no capital to be invested just as there is no labor to be done. When there is little business and thus even less economy, free enterprise sounds alien in the realm of commerce and industry.

Modernization of Agriculture? This is not only ridiculous but also preposterous. Already well funded farm to market road still remain invisible. Fertilizer only made bank accounts of public officials and their minions grow fast and much. Even lowly pigs became ghost creatures in the Quedancor escapade..

Higher Moral Standard? This is definitely adding salt to injury, considering that not only the Malacanang resident but also the Country as a whole remain on top of graft and corruption rating in Asia. No wonder that someone at the very top too of government is much distrusted and unwanted.

Eradication of Mass Poverty? This is one big bad joke!

+OVCruz, DD
April 24, 2009