Monday, March 30, 2009

recipe for disaster

When will the Malacanang long standing occupant ever accept that as a leader declared as most corrupt, crooked and double-dealing, majority of the people have also long since appended thereto their distrust, disgust and disdain? And when will the known and infamous Malacanang flattering cronies for generous fees and favors, eventually accept the odious reality and feel the big shame that their master has nowhere else to go but down the gutters where garbage go and flow to nowhere? Truth to tell, the way the Malacanang over-staying tenant plus well rewarded cohorts live, behave and act with impunity incarnate, these characters would remain unmoved and still live in peace and delight – even if the heavens open wide and loudly denounce them all.

Furthermore, it is too hard for these bunch of detestable personalities to know and understand that they are not “corrupt to the bones” and smelly outside-in and inside-out”, definitely not because of the form of government nor the structure of governance in the Country – but primarily and squarely by reason of their deeply flawed personality constitution plus pursuant much twisted value system? How come even majority of the people in the streets, without neither high educational attainments nor honorable titles, know it is those who govern them that suck their blood and hack their future – not the form of the government?

Finally, who can truthfully proclaim and sincerely advance the thesis that it is the long standing form of government of this Country that has made Philippine politics intrinsically dirty and turned many politicians into fearful goons and callous thieves? It is too complex and too profound for Filipino politicians to admit openly and say clearly that it is not governance by itself that make people poor, hungry and sick – but it is the corrupt, crooked and cruel among them who feed precisely upon the weakness and helplessness of their constituents?

The over-all conclusion from all the above down to earth realities is rather plain and simple: The well planned and much funded sneaky design to have a CHARTER CHANGE during these already smoldering times in the Country is a RECIPE FOR DISASTER. And these appears certain: Those who would be burned and probably even buried, are neither hard to predict much less difficult to name.

For the love of God if they still have one, for the good of the Country in the event that they are still citizens thereof, for the welfare and peace of the Filipinos as a whole just in case they remain members of the race – NO, NO and NO to CHARTER CHANGE as of these already precarious and unstable times. The much rational and reasonable resolve is for the nefarious “Public Servants” in the Country – and they are practically too
many to count – to instead change at least their mores or it is the people who would change their body, persons and all? And this is neither funny to think of nor amusing to behold.

+ OVCruz, DD
March 30, 2009