Friday, March 13, 2009


Irrespective of their origin and cultural traits, their creed and persuasion, it is not really difficult for people to conclude that the so called “Reproductive Health” Bill in the Congress of the Philippines – and similar legislative propositions or provisions in other Countries – is in reality basically and actually against human reproduction. Thus it is that even its title is in fact antithetical to its alleged or presumed intent. In effect, it is not even truly concerned with health whereas the chemical and/or invasive anti-reproduction means therein cited are anything but contributory either to physical or psychological health.

The Bill which according to pertinent surveys done thereon is not only affirmed but also defended by a good number of people, is however in reality anti-people. In other words, the same Bill is eventually for depopulation, i.e., to deliberately lessen the population, to have as few people as possible, all over the land. After all is said and done, its fundamental thesis is that there are too many people in the Country, and that it is wherefore about time that the government takes the decisive move to lessen them through all means available – without counting the material and ethical costs of such depopulation drive.

By the way, “depopulation is both a desolate phenomenon and a depressing move that has been in fact recently accomplished specifically in conjunction with several thousands of pigs. Hence, after much planning, killing and burning, those concerned dutifully reported that their mission was accomplished, that not only the targeted piggery has been duly depopulated but also that other piggeries would be inspected for other possible pig depopulating measures. As of this writing, it is not yet known how much more extensive depopulation of pigs will come to order. If pigs could think, they would be all shivering in fear and fright.

This is certainly not in anyway meant even but to imply that people and pigs are the same, similar or in any way affiliated. This is simply to contextualize the significance and implications of the “Reproductive Health” Bill viz a viz the fact of an animal depopulation just done in the Country. It is interesting to note that such a mean and demeaning terminology – apparently also invoked in the attempted extermination of Jews, courtesy of Hitler – was deliberately used instead of the usual word “culling” which has standard reference to lessening the number of this or that species of animals for one reason or another. Can it be that in the Philippines today, people are commonly perceived as big socio-economic liability in the same way that certain pigs are adjudged dangerous to human welfare?

No judgment is herein made on the intention and objective of all those who urgently approve and ardently favor the above said “Reproductive Health” Bill. The underlying premise of this article is simply to say that for all intents and purposes, the proposed legislative agenda should be instead called or titled as it really is, viz., “Depopulation Bill”.

+OVCruz, DD
March 13, 2009