Wednesday, March 18, 2009

coveting and stealing

Irrespective of their race, color and greed, practically all people in the big wide world know in conscience that it is wrong even but to covet what is not theirs. And that it is worse to actually steal what belongs to others. Not to steal, usurp or appropriate in fact, and not to even but covet, crave or hanker anything rightfully belonging to others -- these are both rudimentary prohibitions written in the hearts of people. This truth is such a strong mandate of human nature that even the Good Book has them indelibly written down in black and white -- in terms of no less than two world renown Commandments (Exodus 20:15,17).

In this deplorable and despondent Country -- thanks to the glorious reign of the present administration -- it is but proper to take good note of the appalling and degrading phenomenon that the Philippines is fast becoming another Macao in terms of the dishonorable and shameless proliferation of gambling all over the land. There are big and impressive Casinos in key places of the Country -- more and bigger ones are already being eyed without respect to either the communities concerned or the elementary norms of the environment. Instead of promoting industry and toil, parsimony and sagacity, the executive branch in particular endorses blind luck, advocates’ whim and chance through gambling,

This is not to mention the numerous surreptitious branches of the Philippine Gambling Corporation in many nooks and corners of this and that neighborhood. In addition, there is also internet gambling --courtesy of the local and foreign gambling corporations. And there are furthermore the well advertised Lotto and the practically omnipresent STL. And there are in addition, the everlasting jueteng, the deathless masiao and many other gambling forms in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In other words, together with the many demeaning flagships rightfully earned by the present administration such as the already nauseating titles of eminent corruption and the fast emerging infamy for the proliferation of illegal drugs, there is still the already long standing downright promotion of or acquiescence legal and illegal gambling respectively.

That is why perhaps -- just perhaps -- it might be some kind of an eye opener or reminder for big time gamblers as well as small fry bettors, about the above serious double taboo: It is wrong, evil and vicious not only to steal but also to even but covet the money of others. By the way, just for clarity, it is a big futility to extend this particular reminder to the reigning government that is long notorious precisely in many and flagrant corrupt practices. It is wherefore already doubtful if those high government officials concerned would still have a right conscience to distinguish between right and wrong.

Let not only big time gamblers but also small fry bettors clearly know the following: One, when they gamble or bet categorically in order to win -- as no one does the same to lose -- they are in effect coveting the money of everybody else of their kind. Two, when they win, they are in fact stealing the money of hundreds or even millions of the losers as they eagerly get the money they have not worked, sweat nor toil for. Three, and they are wherefore bound by the moral law of restitution -- something which haunts them to their death.

+ OVCruz, DD
March 18, 2009