Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Insidious cha-cha

Now it can be said with neither an iota of doubt nor any element of reservation: Malacanang is categorically committed and wherefore strongly moving for a Charter Change – no matter the dictate of conscience, without minding the social cost. It has a big majority of supporters in the lower House of Congress plus a pretty good number of followers even in the Senate. Furthermore, it also has a well oiled and wherefore obedient operators in the Local Government. Finally, towards the middle and specially when this year is about to end, the Supreme Court can be counted among its collegial loyal ally. Would that all or any of the above readings of the partisan political scenario in the Country were not true – for the sake of national unity and peace, in favor of a better Philippines and a promising future for the Filipinos.

Charter Change is not a mere option for the national leadership. It has long since become an urgent imperative.

The Frequently and loudly sung song that certain economic provisions in the Fundamental Law of the Land constitute a big impediment to national development and social progress is hogwash. The pervasive poverty and marked misery in the Country is definitely due to something else – such as the Czar’s latest 123 million pesos world-tour which remains uncouth and unjustified. This is not to recite the annual multi-billion pesos shamelessly earmarked for standard graft and corruption for already no less than some eight years to this writing – with no sight of their lessening much less of disappearing from the habitual agenda of this government.

The silent but avidly coveted extension of an already too long term of the same Czarist Commander-in-Chief” possibly together with the latter’s favorite and favored high ranking public officials, forwards a less moronic stage for Charter Change – although it still remains disgusting to contemplate and revolting to consider. The maxim that absolute power corrupts absolutely, has an affined reality: Absolute power is addictive. The present ruler is but second to someone who reigned over this Country for some twenty years.

Lo and behold, the really most riveting rationale for the soon to be frenzied concordant move for a change in the Constitution of the Land is in fact the following: The constitutional amendment of immunity from suit of the highest public official plus the latter’s right hands – even after their tenure of office! This is the supreme rationale of a much desired and well designed Charter Change. Without this post-public office immunity from suit, certain infamous characters led by their supreme master would be in great trouble – even with the prospect of flying, swimming and running to any Country in the world with no extradition treaty with the Philippines.

+OVCruz, DD
February 18, 2009