Wednesday, February 04, 2009

death penalty for the unborn

In the objective and ultimate analysis, abortion in essence is nothing less that the deliberate downright death penalty of the unborn although completely defenseless, guiltless and helpless. The latter’s human life is not recognized but completely rejected – in the same way that the human dignity and human rights thereto inherent are not acknowledged but simply ignored as inconsequential and even irrelevant. The unborn child is innocence incarnate but considered a culprit, a shame, an inconvenience. An unborn child is thus meted death penalty without even a semblance of due process, and wherefore killed with gross injustice.

The abominable iniquity or heinous crime of abortion is deeply and strongly anchored on the following detestable factors: The father and/or the mother of the unborn are precisely the ones who are the principal criminals in killing someone of their own flesh and blood. The physicians and/or akin agents are the direct collaborators in extinguishing life when these are precisely supposed to protect and promote it. The pharmaceuticals and vendors who manufacture or sell abortive elements and instruments make money from the murders of the unborn.

It is both an offense to right reason and a disgrace to truth when people hear certain characters shouting loudly and avidly insisting that the unborn – the conceived, the embryo, the fetus – is not human , not a human being, not a human person. Then, what is the unborn from its conception? A blood clot? A piece of meat? A little muscle? Or it is a growing germ, a tiny mammal, a vague being or something? And if so, when does this undefined creature or element become a human being, a human person? Only after one or two or three months of gestation – but not one month, two or three months less? Or does the thing become human only at the very moment of birth – but not immediately before?

Death penalty is already abhorrent when imposed against a despicable criminal, not once by the Regional Court, nor twice by the Court of Appeals but thrice convicted by the Supreme Court, It is then manifestly evident that the terminal penalty of death sentence pronounced on a child yet unborn through abortion is even much more horrendous. How does anyone equate a horrible criminal with still an unborn completely guileless child?

It is for this reason that while a truly repentant murderer of one or more individuals may be given absolution by a Priest through the Sacrament of Confession or Reconciliation, anyone however guilty of even by one abortion by deliberate personal action and/or by active collaboration may be absolved by a Priest only with the expressed faculty or competence formally and specifically given by the Bishop. One abortion is considered as definitely more intrinsically evil than one premeditated killing, one assassination or liquidation and the like.

Woe to anyone – specially those in tenure of power and might –who dare basically tolerate if not actually promote abortion. Such tribulation and misery become reality irrespective of race, color and creed. It would be hard to think of a more atrocious crime than abortion!

+OVCruz, DD
February 4, 2009