Friday, February 27, 2009


Unbridled capitalism just as radical socialism are fatal for humanity – specially those who are at the bottom of the economic ladder. Capitalism is unbridled when wealth is practical adored and glorified, and where the poor and the helpless are thus discarded and trampled upon. Socialism is radical when the government becomes a continuously ravenous institution that practically feeds on people. This is why in the last analysis, not only radical socialism but also unbridled capitalism are both ultimately anti-people.

This is why when capitalism is let loosed and even protected by those in tenure of political power – such as when not capital and labor but capital and government instead are joined – its infallible product is materialism. Any and all materialistic mind frame and pursuant action and reaction pattern lead to one and the same conclusion: Money first, people last. Temporal goods acquire primary over human persons. Earthly assets precedes human dignity and human rights. That is why just as liberalistic capitalism, materialism is also anti-people.

This is why the more materialism gets the upper hand in the value system of society, its ultimate consequence is individualism, i.e., I, me and mine; and blatantly destructive of the social dimension of private property. When the “pro-self” norm already dictates an “anti-others” principle, this is when not merely academic but downright practical individualism comes to fore. This is why, in the last analysis not only radical capitalism and consummate materialism but also constitutional individualism, are in the last analysis all anti-people – irrespective of contrary scholastic, gymnastic and personalistic convictions and conclusions.

Hence, in their proper understanding, capitalism equals materialism which in turn equals individualism. All three are basically anti-people and contra-society. This is the living lesson of history as precisely relived to the hilt by the present spectacular and dreadful global economic crisis – which is nothing else than the composite product of capitalism, materialism and individualism. Whenever the abundant, developed and promising economic life of a country, a continent or the world begins to be infected by unbridled capitalism, radical materialism and constitutional individualism – thus also begins national, continental and global economic meltdown.

Setting aside for the moment the matter of capitalism and materialism in the Country today, the glaring truth is the reign of individualism incarnate as amply demonstrated by a good number of filthy rich pro-self politicos and bureaucrats. Oh yes, they pretend to be pro-others when they throw people some bones every here and there, some surplus bits and pieces from their tables every now and then. What is even worst is the greed for power and wealth, respect no law and knows no limits. Hence the spectacle of multi-million poor, hungry and sick Filipinos all over the land!

+OVCruz, DD
February 27, 2009