Monday, February 23, 2009

“cafeteria closed”

Somehow long since to these days, the phrase “cafeteria style” has been in used with particular reference to the so called “Pro-Choice Catholics” on the matter of contraceptives – abortive items included. In other words, there are catholic couples – and their number seems to be increasing fast – who subscribe to the “modern” thinking and thereby assume the right to freely choose what means to use in order to either control the number of their children or not to have children at all – through all positive means.

Their conclusion is simple and clear: The government in collaboration with multi-national pharmaceuticals must see to it that contraceptives of all labels and effects must be made available in both public and private outlets – charged to public funds or private pockets respectively. In short, just place said all kinds and brands of contraceptives in government and private outlets. It is up to people, Catholics well included, to choose for themselves what contraceptives – anti-conception, anti-birth, anti-child means – to use. This in substance is the simple meaning and plain implication of the “Cafeteria” of contraceptives: Look, choose and take/buy what you like!

Never mind the teachings of the Catholic faith and the principles of Catholic morality. Never mind the physiological ill-effects of the contraceptive pills to swallow and injections to get. Never mind if conception is merely avoided or really destroyed after it actually took place. Never mind the adverse and lasting biological impact of contraceptive in-take that has a bearing on the normalcy of a child when this is subsequently opted. And never mind the standing teaching of nature – such as the natural constitution of the human body – that when it is violated by man, it eventually strikes back at him.

For the good of humanity, in deference to the law of nature and to prevent downright violence to women in particular, no less than the Vatican in consonance with the very clear, official and unequivocal pronouncement of Supreme Pontiff, issued the following Statement – with particular reference to Catholics: :Benedict XVI took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church’s constant teaching on the dignity of the human life from conception to natural death.”

It should be well noted that the above public Statement was issued precisely on the occasion of a recent visit to the Vatican made by a Head of a Legislative Assembly of a supposedly almighty nation – a Catholic legislator who precisely subscribes to the “Cafeteria” of contraceptives, abortion included as a matter of course. Whether the said legislator understood the Statement and/or appreciate its relevance and implication, is not known. In fact, it is not only possible but also probable that the USA key Catholic legislator did not, and wherefore left the Vatican exactly with the same official “Pro-Choice” posture in the matter of contraception/abortion.

But just the same, as far as the Church is concerned, the following is clear: “CAFETERIA CLOSED”.

+OVCruz, DD
February 23, 2009