Friday, February 06, 2009

all assumptions are false

In anticipation of the seemingly magical year 2010, there are many assumptions that come to play. Not that they are all but pure and simple wishful thinking. The realities on the ground however strongly argue against their realization. But by virtue of the saying that “Hope springs eternal”, there appears to be no cogent reason why such assumptions should not be mentioned at all and even considered – without however the seriousness that they intend to mean and imply.

Among the numerous assumptions related to 2010, there are at present three major ones that merit some attention even if for the sake of curiosity. One: That there would be elections as provided by the Fundamental Law of the Land. Two: That there would be acceptance automation of the elections. Three: That the elections would be honest, orderly, peaceful and credible. Needless to say, the said three key assumptions are thus above enumerated more in the order of time than in the realm of importance.

1st Assumption: That there would be elections as provided by the Fundamental Law of the Land is something that would be hard to take for granted. With the self-added supreme and impressive title as Czar in the addition of the Chief of this and that, it is not hard to assume instead that someone would find it both painful and pitiful to willingly and readily leave behind such august and powerful attributions – not to mention the enormous taxpayers’ money that prop up such formidable appellations. This explains both the surreptitious moves and open resolves to have a Charter Change ultimately for the extension of someone’s occupancy of Malacanang Palace.

2nd Assumption: That there would be acceptable automation of the elections is an agenda that implies billions of pesos and much good will to actualize. Millions of pesos were already wantonly spent before for the same purpose. To this date however, except for the allegation that the supposedly many computer machines stored somewhere, the long proposed election automation remains but simply talks and postures. Furthermore, the mere automations of election
in the actual Philippine political context is far from being readily “acceptable”. There are well known “operators” in the Country who know how and who for the right fees, are ready to spoil even alleged “fail safe” automated election machines.

3rd Assumption: That the elections would be honest, orderly, peaceful and credible is something simply wild to assume and practically insane to believe under the supervision of the present administration. Integrity and probity, truth and credibility – these are virtues that are relevant and applicable even to the political life of the Country, but that are sadly beyond the rightful claim of the ruling administration under whose over-all watch the elections are supposed to be held.

The truth however is not hard to arrive at, viz., even if all the above said assumptions become actualities, with but the 2010 elections, an upright, trustworthy and respectable government will still be a far from reality.

+OVCruz, DD
February 6, 2009