Friday, January 09, 2009

'wish ko lang'

This might serve to advertise an already much appreciated television program or could even help in endorsing its viewing as an inspiring hour of concrete love of neighbor. With the presumed permission of those responsible for and concerned with the said well spirited and much admired TV segment, this item is simply meant as a list of wishes on the occasion of the New Year 2009.

While it is the known time for making resolutions to do better this year, it is also an occasion to write and present a “Wish List” to the good old Santa. While it is possible that the list as a whole will remain but a wishful thinking, it would not do any harm really if the wishes are made known to Santa—just in case he could do something about them.

Wish No. 1: A President who is an admirable example of honesty and integrity, a precious symbol of truth productive of justice and peace.

Wish No. 2: A Congress that is composed of all honorable men and women, who are in turn imbued with the sense of public service.

Wish No. 3: A Judicial Branch of government that is beyond any question in its probity, which is always observant of just and/ or equitable decisions.

Wish No. 4: A constituency of Armed Forces that are pro-Country and pro-people, that protect innocent human lives and respect human rights.

Wish No. 5: A National Police Force that is beyond bribery and bad influence, which is dedicated to the maintenance of peace and order.

Wish No. 6: A set or required bureaucratic public officials who are qualified for their respective positions and who are in command of public trust.

Wish No. 7: A people who by and large are self-reliant for their industry and parsimony, and who subscribe to and live an ethically right and/or morally upright value system.

None of the above wish is humanly impossible. Each of the said wishes is not unreasonable, much less irrational. All of the same wishes are not really asking for heaven on earth.

Precisely, their non-realities are what make the present government the big liability of the Country as a whole. Its existence is not simply offensive to but also actually destructive of a people.

In the TV program, “Wish Ko Lang!” what seems impossible, what appears improbable, eventually becomes concrete realities. Will the above list instead remain but pure wishes—for ever and ever? Heaven forbid!

+OVCruz, DD
January 9, 2009