Wednesday, January 21, 2009

war: lose-lose and win-win

In any war specially during these times of sophisticated armaments and mortal weaponry, it is not only irrational but also downright madness to even but imagine that there can be real winners therein. The truth is that war for any cause and under any name, be this intra-national but specially so when inter-national in scope, is fundamentally a losing proposition and detestable phenomenon. It is not hard to see the objective reality of such a ruinous conclusion wherever and whenever war is waged. In other words, war is a distinctly lamentable – deadly and destructive – lose-lose event.

War kills little children, helpless women together with elderly people – not to mention civilians in general, all of whom have nothing to do with the warfare. Bombs, grenades, bullets and many other war implements are specially designed and accordingly used categorically to kill and not to save lives. To say the least, weaponries are not in the habit of distinguishing whom to kill or to spare – once they are released. This is what war is about – notwithstanding any rhetoric to the contrary.

In fact, during an actual war, there is even the oxymoron known as “friendly fire”, i.e. combatants killed by their own comrades, or “collateral damage”, i.e., enemies killed with innocent people. This is to say nothing about the mutual killings on both sides among the avowed enemies. Combatants do not only kill others but also one another as a matter of course. In other words, war is definitely a moral option and even criminal event, irrespective of whether it is waged within the same Country or among nations.

Furthermore, war destroys not builds, demolishes not constructs. Waging war is not only a matter of killing, mutilation and other atrocities committed against human persons. War also means destruction and ruin of structures, devastation and annihilation of infrastructures. War and development, prosperity or progress are antithetical realities. One wonders if there would be any war at all – be this in a small or big scale – if only the leaders of the nations involved would go to battle themselves, kill one another, and winner takes all. The problem is that these national leaders together with their generals, are all far from the frontline, safe and sound, in cover and comfort.

Yet, war is also strangely enough a win-win engagement. The winners of war are the countries who manufacture and sell weapons – from bullets to guns, from bombs to planes, not to mention tanks, canons and many other items categorically designed and produced to kill people, to ruin things. Whenever these war items are sold and bought, the winners in terms of big money in the big banks are the manufacturers- not only with their brokers but also with their governments. It is not infrequent that one and the same government sells weapons to two or more nations at war. The United States of America, Russia, China are the usual suspects in the war business.

Thus it is that war is really not only a lose-lose human folly, but also a win-win human iniquity.

January 21, 2009