Monday, January 12, 2009

sick mentation, sickening actuation

Together with their ingloriously reigning master and mentor, many politicos rightfully deserve a defined and certified rightful ouster from the public offices they covetously hold and pretentiously exercise. Yet, they all blissfully continue to amass wealth and gleefully wield power. They are all above even the Fundamental Laws of the land, not to mention the basic dictates of ethics and the principles of morals.

In fact, there is someone among them who is the subject of yearly Impeachment Complaint, and yet, through all those years, the supposedly Chief Public Servant continues to engage in exceptional self-service. The claim that there is not an iota of truth in this composite detestable socio-political situation in the Country is tantamount to the admission that the claimant is from another planet.

There are indications that in this otherwise dear and lovable land, the more corrupt and deceitful, the more untrustworthy and undependable a public official is, the more as well he/she is beyond the reach of justice as demanded by truth. This is but one of the signal manifestations of sick mentation and sickening actuation.

On the other hand, there is someone else who is beyond reproach in his value system and pursuant conduct, who is well admired for his competence and dedication to his assigned task, who knows the law and applies it justly and equitably. And yet, there are now publicly exposed devious machinations to impeach him, to remove him from office. For precisely promoting the value of truth and for advancing the cause of justice, the leading characters of falsity and iniquity in the Country have been all the while surreptitiously working for his impeachment.

In other words, this is exactly the downright unlawful, detestable and even scandalous case of certain devious key pro-administration politicos in the Country now attempting to impeach the Chief Justice of the Philippines – regardless of the way, the means and the cost.

Reason: He is an impediment to their ominous aspirations. He is an inconvenience to their self-serving designs. He is not in their pocket, i.e., neither in their payroll nor under their command.

What a flagrant and gross move on the part of those who are addicted to power and might, that respect neither truth nor justice. Theirs is the very predictable move that anybody and anything obstructing their addiction, have to be eventually moved to some place or simply removed from their way. This is nothing new really from the very start of the present administration. Anybody is in or out the graces of the Palace, depending on whether he or she is a loyalist or a nationalist, respectively.

Those thus conniving in such an atrocious impeachment move better know that if they in anyway succeed, they could be the very ones in very big trouble. The Filipinos are by and large patient and forgiving. But even long sleeping volcanoes can and do erupt. This is fair warning.

+OVCruz, DD
January 12, 2009