Wednesday, January 28, 2009

czarism syndrome

There are so many and varied stimulating realities, depressing events as well as appalling actualities happening in the Country that challenge the Filipino soul during these specially difficult times. Are the people under a curse or something the like? Are the Filipinos a lost people after all? Is the nation hopelessly drifting from bad to worse? Thus it is that not once but repeatedly the Philippines is being cited for a number of top liability titles such as in the realm of corruption and injustice, not to mention the areas of gambling and drug syndicates.

Meantime, the administration goes on with its interminable happy thoughts and promising pronouncements. It is amazing in its multifaceted attempts in delivering the message of hope and love, good tidings of affection and concern – particularly under the over-all command of the Chief Administrator. The only difficulty is that there is a whale of a difference between the latter’s sublime visions and gutter realities, marked antithetical contrast between the promises made in cloud 9 and the putrid facts found on the ground.

Lately – most probably as a tactical more than a realistic move, as a desperate more than a responsive reaction – the “Czarism Syndrome” came to fore. In other words, the characteristic expressions of “Czarism” have become the
signs of the times. To date, it’s “Anti-Drug Czar”, “Ecology Czar”. Tomorrow, who knows what’s next? Could it ever be “Anti-Corruption Czar”, “Anti-Gambling Czar”, “Anti-Dynasty Czar”? Or are these titles too illogical to claim, too hot to handle?

Speaking now in general terms and without the least claim of either truth or certitude, being a relatively new phenomenon, great care and prudence must be taken in enumerating the diagnostic indicators of the “Czarism Syndrome” – be this in the local, national or international scene. Nevertheless, there seems to be already loose talks as well as amateurish attempts for people to somehow agree about the standard manifestations of this distinct syndrome. Could the following be true or rubbish, real or trash?

Grandiose feeling of self-worth and importance. Exaggerated cravings for recognition and praise, accolade and admiration. Fantasy or unlimited power and might, success and achievement. Conviction of uniqueness, distinction and indispensability. Right to many entitlements with their accompanying special treatment and consideration. Employ of people and use of things to achieve personal gains and intents. Identification with the rich, famous and mighty. Arrogant and haughty attitude, aloof and insensitive disposition.

The Truth of the matter is that just as nothing definite nor defined can yet be considered as the exact nature and precise manifestation of “Czarina Syndrome:, great care and much prudence must be observed by those opting to know if its but a flight of fancy or a feature of reality. Or is there already another name for it? Has behavioral science long since known its existence in fact? Must the study and knowledge of the human person be brought further, made more updated and relevant? Needless to say, only by asking the right questions can make the right answers come forth.

+OVCruz, DD
January 28, 2009