Monday, January 19, 2009


The title of “CZAR” is synonymous to an emperor, a potentate, a monarch or any other title that forwards the reality or impression of a despot, a tyrant or a dictator. It is for this reason that the breed of Czars has become passé – a long passed phenomenon in human history. This is certainly not to say that all such impressive potentates have been a composite curse to human society. But although some of them did something good for their subjects in those rather distant times, its inherent dynastic nature and marked abusive consequences eventually erased them from the face of the earth.

But lo and behold, the Philippines apparently now has a “Czar” of its own. The title could have been merely invoked and appended by others to the character concerned – and not actually claimed and owned by the latter. This however notwithstanding , the thus titled individual does not seem to mind it at all – or in effect even actually cherish and relish it on account of the known propensity of the person involved to wield big power and great influence – and to cling to these as far and as long as humanly possible.

”Anti-drug Czar” or something the like – this seems to be flavor of the month when the present government eventually though unwillingly woke up to another shameful distinction that the Philippines has fast become one profligate haven of illegal drugs. From many young and old, poor and rich illegal drug users and addicts to big time pushers, from a good number of foreign drug smugglers to numerous local drug manufacturers and big time drug syndicates - this is the big picture of the big drug business in the Country. This could be why for dramatic effect and hopefully some “pogi” points, lo and behold a “Czar” conveniently emerged from nowhere!

Just in case the pretentious “Czar” would even consider answering an unwelcome bunch of questions, the following could be forwarded: If your actual position is equated to corruption, how could you really stop the reign of illegal drugs which is also synonymous to corruption? If you truly want to clean the Country from illegal drugs, would you want and dare first clean your own backyard? If you honestly concentrate at but attempting to drug clean the Country, then what happens to flagrant smuggling, day and nine criminality, not to mention obnoxious human trafficking and many other socio-moral aberrations in the land – nor to point out the dreadful facts of more poverty and hunger, more sickness and disease therein?

To emphasize more the issue of the “Czar” charade, how on earth could such a pompous if not fatuous title really lessen if not actually vanish illegal drugs from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – if the exactly the same pretentious glorious persona could not even reduce much less altogether eradicate jueteng and its equivalent, in practically all the cities and municipalities of the Country? This is like someone pretending ready to wrestle with tigers while running away from but cats. What an irony!

+OVCruz, DD
January 19, 2009