Friday, January 16, 2009

2010 national elections: an illusion?

Political Parties are either merging or dividing in preparation for the 2010 big electoral event. Politicos are spending much for various and ingenious advertisements for their respective 2010 electoral aspirations. Surveys after surveys are done under the patronage of those interested in the 2010 political exercise. The COMELEC is not only making noise but also making representations for an automated 2010 national elections – even without really knowing the “if”, “how” and “when” the promised huge amount required for the project would be forthcoming. Furthermore, both legal and illegal gambling lords are assiduously doing their crafty tasks in order to fund their patrons – specially those running for elective local public offices. The fact is that there are incumbent elected local officials who have been already playing Santa Clauses before and after Christmas 2008 – specially in favor of the Barangay Captains.

This is why, the global financial crisis notwithstanding, the whole Year 2009 plus the half of year 2010 in particular, are financially very promising for most Filipinos – notwithstanding all scientific gloomy predictions to the contrary. For open or subtle election purposes: Those aspiring for another term have already begun gradually shelling out the money they either accepted or demanded on the occasion of different legal or illegal transactions, to buy loyalties. Those aiming at an elective office for the first time are trying to get or squeeze money from any and all promising sources, and have already started to buy promissory votes come 2010. In other words, money would thereby practically flood the Country.

The illusory significance and implication of Philippine elections, specially that supposedly scheduled for 2010, are precisely anchored on the unsaid principle that real democracy and pervasive poverty cannot and do not coexist ever. The combination of these two realities is the root cause of vote buying and selling, well paid mass cheating, employment of private armies – and other similar socio-political phenomena destructive of genuine democracy. As every empty stomach has no ears, poverty does not know democracy where everybody is supposed to be equal one to every other.

Furthermore: There is still the well funded and wherefore very alive Cha-Cha move at the combined instance well known “Trapos”. There are also other avenues foe their term-extensions according or against still binding the Fundamental Law of the Land. There are Lists upon Lists of Voters still having not only many dead individuals but also individuals with many lives for being registered in several precincts – in addition to the amazing likewise many ghost voters. There are also the ever ready professionals with magical attributes in increasing or lessening votes cast, depending on the candidates who employed them and for how much.

Given the above existing and vibrant electoral factors in the Country – to mention but a few – even in the event that there will be national elections in 2010, it is not really irrelevant nor truly pessimistic to ask the question: Would May 2010 bring about a really genuine or merely illusory national elections? Just asking.

+OVCruz, DD,
16 January 2009