Friday, December 19, 2008

terrorism in review

To sow intense fright, big havoc and pervasive panic, to cause impressive destruction, extensive disorder and grand chaos, and to kill as many considered enemies as possible, but not excluding innocent men, women and children—this in substance is terrorism.

How it is done, through what means and whereat—these are but usually circumstantial features. Its why, when and by whom—these are the more relevant factors to consider in order to decipher its intention or eventually know its real objective. To inflict terror usually accompanied by downright murders—without respect to age and occupation, the guilt or innocence of the victim—in order to send a grim message such as a deadly warning, an open rebuke, or to emphatically demonstrate hatred and anger through brute force—this is the composite essence of terrorism.

Terrorists by and large are an errant breed of individuals, an erratic group of shadowy, illusive and downright violent characters. In reality, the strong engine of their being anti-people, anti-society, anti-development and instead pro-death, pro-disarray, pro-devastation, is definitely not God under whatever name and in whatever belief.

The truth of the matter is that the terrorists' basic anti-human mind frame, consequent twisted emotional disposition and pursuant murderous and destructive actuation are the ultimate product of their intense and prolonged indoctrination about the rationale of their poverty and misery, depreciation and oppression, followed by their opted distant self-alienation from society at large. This is precisely to punish people, to bring down society, to destroy civilization without however really knowing what they ultimately want, what eventually will they do. Even terrorists by and large do not know what they eventually want after their terrorism is over—if ever.

It is under such disturbed and disturbing premises that terrorists emerge and terrorism comes to fore. In the light of the above mentioned key factors in the making of terrorists and in the launching of terrorism, such a contemporary frightful and devastating social curse somehow acquires some kind of rhyme and reason—without the least validating their malevolent existence, much less justifying their inhuman agenda and acts.

Anger and hatred, ire and vengeance, fury and revenge—these are the underlying live and hot embers that keep terrorists resolved in their odious objective and that make terrorism sustained in its devious finality. Without such profound mentally and emotionally charged disposition, understanding the making of terrorists and the launching of terrorism would remain a vain attempt, a futile venture.

But terrorist indoctrination and active existence, terrorist capabilities and attacks in a given Country are definitely not and cannot be isolated realities, viz., they are surreptitiously but securely connected with terrorism in other parts of the globe. The training they have, the guns and bullets they carry, the bombs they make and detonate—inclusive of the financial support of those left behind by suicide bombers—what they eat and wear, all these and more need sufficient and continuous funding from other Countries here and there. These interrelated sources of such sizable and sustained funding certainty have their own devious agenda – notwithstanding any pretenses and statements to the contrary.

The conclusion is obvious, viz., terrorists cannot be won over, it cannot be vanquished by plain contrary likewise terrifying counter-force. Honest to goodness intelligence work, sustained and incisive vigilance plus honest and manifest developmental projects and services—these are what can finally win terrorists over to orderly social life, what can eventually vanquish terrorism in favor of social justice and peace.

+OVCruz, DD
December 19, 2008