Wednesday, December 17, 2008

spiritualism in review

At the outset, it has to be made clear that the spirit in every human person is what makes the latter think and reflect in a certain way, how he decides and acts in a given existential circumstance or in a customary situation. It can even be said that the human spirit has much to do in the formation of the value system of a person, and wherefore has a big input in his or her personal perspective and consequent actuation pattern both in the realm of the now and the beyond, in the sphere of the material and supra-temporal. Thus, it can be said that the spirit is a key factor affecting the constitution, disposition and behavior of a human person.

While it is the mind that acquires knowledge and it is the will that makes options, it is however the human spirit that inspires and induces or even guides the said superior human faculties to work out their respective tasks according to their given nature, attribution and finality.

Thus, it can be said that the spirit is both a forceful determinant and wherefore a strong qualifier of human thoughts, emotions and agenda. Without a spirit, one can only wonder what would be a human person in reality. In such a case, it would even be hard to say that a person is truly human, viz., someone accountable for his or her desires, designs and pursuant acts.

This is why the spirituality of every human person is of paramount significance and relevance to his or her life and actuation. And when specifically having in mind such realities as human relationships and social interactions, such spirituality cannot be otherwise than right and sound, realistic and objective.

Otherwise, human persons would be eventually the sorrow, the misfortune if not the curse of everybody else in the family, in the community, in society as a whole. When there is not only dishonesty but downright thievery, when there are crimes not only against properties but also against persons, in other words, when there is inhumanity to man, the common denominator of all these is a wrong, sick or deviate spirituality.

And this brings forward the inherent and deleterious nature and consequences of spiritualism. When instead of right and sound spirituality, someone instead consciously or otherwise acquires, subscribes to and practices spiritualism, the said agent is caught up in spiritualistic consolation while engaging in anything or everything contrary to the dictates of sound reason and good will, as inspired and led by real spirituality.

This is when firmly imbedded in spiritualistic consciousness and trance, the person feels nothing bad and does not see anything wrong either, when in fact already wallowing in vice or acting on vicious desires and designs. That someone is already caught up in such a perplexing yet actual phenomenon, the over-all underlying rationale of which is nothing else than the self-deception caused by spiritualism.

A self-deception that someone is a person special to God as specially anointed by and close to Him for a purpose, the self-delusion that somebody is thereby intimately close to God and vice versa, the self-affirmation wherefore that one is so affined with the divine and the other way around such that the individual concerned could not possibly do anything wrong—this is spiritualism or simply a deceptive and dangerous affirmation and promotion of his or her super-ego, so much so that the same becomes the ultimate judge of what is right or wrong, the infallible arbiter of what is virtue or vice. In more ways that one, spiritualism in this case is plain egoism.

+OVCruz, DD
December 17, 2008