Monday, December 08, 2008


In these present times, and with particular reference to this Country, it would seem not only ridiculous but also irrelevant to address the matter of sinlessness. Reason: There is precisely flagrant sinfulness all over the land—specifically with reference to those holding public offices from the local government level and distinctly so, up to the national executive hierarchy. And while it is certainly true that there are still a few public officials in the Philippine Government who are still upright and trustworthy, the rather big majority of them live, act and use their respective public office—constitutionally defined as a "public trust"—primarily for self-service, for personal interests, for family promotion and for limited and limiting partisan political alliances.

This is precisely the reason why when an ordinary citizen proved to be an honest person such as by returning to the owner the latter's lost money. He or she is honored in public and celebrated as a rare and practically extinct breed of humanity. In this country, categorically so with reference to the ruling administration, the whole year menu or the daily tri-media news day and night are a composite of but one basically the same sinful staple: Graft. Corruption. Deceit. Falsity. Injustice. Cheating. Stealing. Lying. Avarice. Greed for power and power play. Forced disappearances. Extrajudicial Killings. (Enough of this practically endless nauseating litany of sinfulness!).

This is why it might be only good and true but also refreshing and inspiring to remember a celebrated truth of sinlessness, viz., the marvelous reality of being free of any sin or any stain of wrong doing. In other words, it is being sinless, stainless or immaculate. There is this well known and much revered woman who was immaculate in conception, immaculate in birth, immaculate in life, immaculate in death, and thus immaculate she was taken to an eternally immaculate Kingdom. This is why while her plain and simple name is Mary, she is also known and called as nothing less that the "Immaculate Conception", i.e., free from sin she was conceived, free from sin she was laid to rest and eventually free from sin she was assumed to the heavenly Kingdom. Hence, her singular title as "The Immaculate Conception".

This means that although there is now much sinfulness in the world, the Philippines in particular, such stigma need not be necessarily appended to everyone. Those who make themselves slaves of evil or allies of vice—this is their own doing, their own responsibility, their own curse here and now, hereafter and beyond. On the other hand, those who even but sincerely try to be free from evil and vice, or undergoes sincere repentance and conversion after sinning—this too is their own deliberate option, they own meritorious resolve, their own blessing not only in the temporal sphere but also in the eternal world.

One thing is definitely certain and true: In line with the saying that no one could have his cake and eat it to, so too nobody could wallow in mud and expect to be clean in the sight of people, pretend to be stainless in the eyes of society, and nonchalantly await for a blissful eternal reward. This is not merely looking forward to the improbable but actually anticipating the impossible.

+OVCruz, DD
December 8, 2008