Wednesday, December 03, 2008

no-el 2010

THE Lists of Voters all over the Philippines are far from cleansed of many multiple entries, numerous dead voters plus apparently even a good number of registered aliens from other distant planets. The total numbers and places of voting precincts are forever a big guessing game just as they are always a formidable challenge to sanity and patience. The “security” measures for the safety of the canvassing of votes from the barangays to the Batasan Pambansa are by and large no match for the standard appearances of goons, the proliferation of guns, and the distribution of gold. The integrity and fortitude of many officials of the Commission on Election (Comelec) remain far from being affirmed and confirmed.

And there is further the disturbing and unresolved question of OFW voters. They are repeatedly proclaimed by the government as the modern heroes of the country, the dependable support to the ever unstable Philippine economy. Yet, the ever changing and unsettled issues about the OFW’s right to vote remain these standing questions: Who are they really? How many are they actually? Where are they supposed to register? When are they expected to cast their votes? These are definitely not flimsy concerns as there are millions of OFWs in all over the world.

And there is furthermore the recent estimate count of no less than some two million new voters in the country expected by 2010. If there are already the perpetual problems on how to count even but few votes, it stands to reason that the more the voters, the greater is the dilemma in correctly having them duly counted. This is saying nothing about who, how and where they are counted.

And there is the evermore issue of election automation. No other than the Comelec itself clearly, repeatedly and emphatically said that P21 billion pesos are needed for the full automation of the 2010 elections. But lo and behold, in the no less than a P1.4 trillion peso national budget for year 2009, only but the measly amount of P1.4 billion pesos is allocated for election automation. As usual, there is a whale of a difference between what this government gloriously says and actually does!

And there is the forever junking of any Impeachment Complaint filed year after year after year. “Sufficiency in form”—what’s that? “Sufficiency in substance”—who cares? For purposes of reality and fact, any and all Impeachment Complaints are dead, buried and dirt even before they are even conceived and filed. In the event that time would permit, it is practically a certainty that another Impeachment Complaint would be again filed by 2009.

And there is moreover the now open move, decisive design and well funded drive to change the Constitution under many guises—all eventually leading to the extension of the tenure of power of the long, too long MalacaƱang occupant. This considers that practically a decade of badly ruling the country and effectively exploiting and oppressing the people is too short to have and to hold.

Above premises considered, how could it be otherwise that there is a NO-EL 2010!

+OVCruz, DD
December 3, 2008