Friday, December 12, 2008

"mad pipers"

It is well said that truth knows no party. In other words, what is true applies to anybody and everybody -- irrespective of political affiliation, religious conviction, financial status. This is what makes truth really great. It does bow neither to power nor to might, not to wealth and not to influence Neither does it bend in to the exalted status of someone who says it, nor does it wherefore offend the lowly bearing about whom it is said. In other words, just as falsity in no way becomes reality only because it is shouted by someone powerful, neither does it have an adverse impact on those who have the truth, no matter how powerless they are.

This is exactly the case of a well paid and highly placed Malacañang official spokesman in conjunction with two simple Churchmen who only spoke according to the truth they knew—about the pervasive repugnance of the people towards the present government, concerning the intense of disgust of the common tao towards the ruling administration. In their honest judgment—and many agree with them—such repulsion and anger could eventually make them rise up in strong protest against it, possibly even beyond the law. More specifically, the said Malacañang character said the following about the two Churchmen: Each of them was like the "mad piper blowing his flute while innocent children follow him to the bank of the river and maybe drowned."

While the said Churchmen simply kept their peace as the proper thing to do upon knowing such an insult immersed in falsity, even just for the record, it is good to ask: Who is truly "mad"? And who is really the "piper"? The honest answers to these questions are like a boomerang that dutifully returns back to the one who dared threw it. When someone has the gall to defend his indefensible master even for a sizable fee and many perks, who then is "mad" and who is a "piper"? When someone accepts the well-remunerated task to speak gloriously about his much despised employer, who wherefore is "mad" and who is a "piper"?

The truth of the matter is that Malacañang Palace has many mad pipers in different sizes and forms, for many agenda of different sinister objectives and ominous goals. This is precisely the reason why more and more people from more sectors of society have become also more and more alienated and agitated by downright revolting Malacañang detestable desires and consequent designs. As of now, foremost of these is the supposedly secret but actually obvious resolve for the term extension of the Malacañang occupant—something that the latter's numerous mad pipers are deviously orchestrating and avidly salivating for.

Never mind the provisions of the Fundamental Law of the land. Never mind the repulsion and ire of the people. Never mind the war in Mindanao, the revolutionary grouping in other regions, the poverty and misery in the country. The one after another impeachment complaints are of no significance and consequence. The progressively bigger and angrier protests rallies do not matter. Question: What then is the key Malacañang scheme? Answer: The extension of the reign of the Malacañang tenant. Attention: Malacañang mad pipers!

12 December 2008