Monday, December 01, 2008

change the constitution

It does not take profound wisdom to say that just as the good car will be damaged in the hand of a poor driver, and a great business will ultimately fold up under a poor management, so too the best Constitution is a big futility under a corrupt—most corrupt—government. This being the case, the conclusion is rather obvious: First, change the corrupt governing officials, and only thereafter change the Constitution if really needed.

The country is in a very bad shape—socially and politically, economically and morally. The government merrily wallows in and greedily feeds on the extensive and heavy taxation of the governed. Millions of Filipinos neither find jobs nor have decent housing. Millions too of the people do not have enough food to eat; much less do they have the medicines they need when they get sick. Less and less children go to schools. On the other hand, there is a government that caused war in the South, there is more criminality in the cities as there are more and more violations of human rights and extrajudicial killings as well.

At the same time, more people increasingly distrust and disapprove many public officials from the national to the local levels of government. A good number of them are well noted for their scandalous graft and corrupt practices. These characters worship money just as they adore power. What is profitable, advantageous and/or convenient is the common denominator of their distorted value system. Thus it is that what is right or wrong, good or evil, virtuous or vicious has become of no consequence for them—on condition only that they can get away with their hold on wealth and tenure of influence.

No wonder that even the government itself is shouting “destabilization”, putting Juan, Pedro, and Pablo in the “order of battle”, raising the “red alert” here and there, making a “call to arms” every now and then. And for a good reason: More and more Filipinos are fed up with their public officials—with very special reference to the MalacaƱang occupant. They are downright disgusted and much frustrated with the present government as a whole. It is enough to listen to the radio, read newspapers or watch television newscasts—except government-own-and-run media outlets that praise it to high heavens and extol its quasi infinite alleged achievements, with the taxpayers footing the bill for all media expenses, as a matter of course.

And to all the said socio-economic liabilities and transactional politics, corrupt public officials and morally bankrupt government, people’ misery and anger, the not only disgusting erratic but also revolting response of the administration and its well rewarded allies is not simply the change of the Constitution, but also effect the change through its own much favored loyal followers via a Constituent Assembly. If this is not callousness, it would be quite difficult to say what it really is.

That is why elementary reason dictates that in the order of business, it is necessary first to get rid of corrupt and corrupting public officials, change them with inspired and inspiring upright public servants. And only thereafter, change the Constitution for the better if such is really called for. Otherwise, it would be the usual big oddity of “putting the cart before the horse.”

1 December 2008