Monday, December 15, 2008

capitalism in review

No. This is not a downright rejection of capitalism, but much less is it an absolute affirmation of socialism. This is neither in defense of liberalism nor in promotion of communism. Rather, it is a reservation of the capitalistic system without social dimension and wherefore with neither social obligation. Otherwise, the following is a basically empirical and more concrete conclusion, viz., as the rich get richer, the poor become poorer. Yet, this may yet be a lesser evil than when everybody else is poor except the covetous governor, the avaricious ruler or greedy dictator. This abominable scenario of the brazen exploitation of subjugated people continues to be existent and real even in these supposedly civilized times.

When anybody can own everything, then everybody else usually has nothing. This is unbridled capitalism. On the other hand, if everybody is said to own everything, the truth is that nobody really owns anything. This is radical socialism. When the goods of the earth have no social dimension at all, this is fundamental liberalism. But if temporalities have only social dimension and wherefore no private attribution, this is communism. In all these cases, the victim and loser is always the same, i.e. men, women and children for whose welfare and development earthly goods are ultimately destined.

Whereas not everything is good in capitalism, nor is everything is evil in socialism, a good economic system must consist in finding the merging of their right features, the sound elements and/or humane factors. It can be said that socialism has by and large long since fallen into lesser acceptance. But at the same time, capitalism in particular is now under big scrutiny because of the infamous global economic crisis that is precisely rooted therein. This is why expert and known economists are rather busy putting capitalism in review.

It is not a secret that even capitalism in this country is not exactly a success story. The middle class is practically gone. Multinational conglomerates are in while cartels/monopolies are not exactly out. Big family corporations have become bigger while small business has become even smaller. The over-all sad results are too evident not to notice with sadness and pain—if not with revolting spirit as well, viz., more and more people are poor and hungry while less and less opportunities for education and work are available. This pitiful social phenomenon will have to be soon arrested and thence gradually but surely improved—under threat of something much worst in the course of time.

|The mediator, so to speak, envisioned and expected to reconcile capitalism and socialism for the greater good and welfare of more and more people, is a government in a democratic system, i.e., of the people, by the people and for the people. But, the present government is not truly for the people or really for itself. But the present government thus precisely progressively impoverished the people by its graft and corrupt practices, its profligate misspending of public funds plus its unmitigated walloping debt. But the present government even wants to change the economic provisions of the Fundamental Law of the land in order to accommodate more and more foreign capital that certainly not for charitable ends but for more and more foreign gains. But this government…

15 December 2008