Friday, November 07, 2008

what’s new?

“We face today a crisis of truth and a pervading cancer of corruption. We must seek the truth and restore integrity.”

“We strongly condemn the continuing culture of corruption from the top to bottom of our social and political ladder.”

“We call on the Lord to bless us in the sacred undertaking to build a new kind of Philippines.”

Only last February 26, the above key statements were lifted word for word from the Pastoral Statement titled “Seeking the Truth, Restoring Integrity” issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) in its Plenary Assembly.

“The biggest culprit and major cause of our nation’s poverty and hunger is graft and corruption which has invaded all private and public institutions.”

“In the past few years up to today, we have watched how corruption has become endemic, massive, systematic and rampant in our politics.”

“In response to the global economic crisis and the painful state of our country, the time to rebuild our Country economically, socially, politically is now. The time to start radical reforms is now. The time for moral regeneration is now. The time to conquer complacency, cynicism and apathy, and to prove that we have matured from our political disappointments is now. The time to prepare a new government is now.”

Only last October 28, the above signal quotations were drawn word for word from the statement of five (5) bishops themed “Corruption: A social and Moral Cancer.” By the way, if said agenda are not “now,” when then and why?

And what’s new? Is there any real substantive difference between the cue content and spirit of the two statements as above cited? Why the hate and ire of the much privilege and well favored Administration allies and favorites towards the said bishops? Why the threat of no less than sedition against them? And why did a darling of the Administration claimed on one hand the principle of “Separation of Church and State,” and on the other hand, asked one of the Bishops to run for the Presidency of the land? Is this but a manifestation of an apparently new disease called “Foot in the Mouth”?

Above all these, one thing is certain. For an administration that remains markedly questionable in its legitimacy, falls very low in its integrity rating, and has so much to show in reality more than very silly slogan plus many empty claims, its leader and followers cannot but be nervous and panicky when their hold on power and wealth has become tenuous.

+OVCruz, DD
November 7, 2008