Monday, November 17, 2008

use. misused. abused.

While self-resolved and consequent personal initiative to do something good, right, ethical, moral is a big attribution, to allow oneself to be used, misused and even abused for an over all grossly and corrupting goal is at the height not only of self-depreciation but also of social ridicule.

This reality repeatedly and emphatically forwards an ageless lesson with special relevance and ready application to those who stand not only in big awe but in practically paying worship to those in tenure of awesome power and thereby wield of great influence in the national community.

Even then, it is thus good to remember that between a king/queen and a slave, there are more equalizing realities than distinguishing factors.

While the former may wear glorious clothes and expensive jewelries plus a lot of imported mascara and perfumes, both the slave and the king/queen are equal human beings, equal mortal persons who will eventually go six feet under the ground.

And in the event that both believe in everlasting life, the unimpeachable truth is that the king/queen has much, very much more to answer before God than the mere slave. For mere temporal power, material possessions and other earthly decorations do not change the essence of inherent nature of all human persons—even but an iota.

This is a fundamental and distinct truth that stands during this another shameful and detestable episode in the long, pervasive and intense socio-moral debacle in the Country, viz., the disgraceful and infamous Fertilizer Fund Scam.

It all started with a big lie that someone was not running for office. Thereafter was the handling of big electoral jueteng payolas, followed by the big “Hello!” cheating. Aside from the big incarnation of transactional politics in all branches of the present government, there were this and that wastage of big public funds. Among these are the invisible irrigation systems, the pigging our of pigs, the broadband fiasco, the north derailed project, and what have you. Now comes the big joke about fertilizing everybody and anything—but the farmlands.

All these graft and corrupt practices basically say one and the same depraved and depraving dehumanizing relational practices, viz., the pairing of the user and the used, the abuser and the abused.

In the context of the said Fertilizer Fund Scam, someone must have allowed himself to be used by a user with a personal desire, abused by an abuser with personal design. As a result, the one used and abused is in a loss-loss situation.

Woe for the lies he might say as these would follow him to his grave. But woe as well to him in the event that he tells the truth about his mighty user and powerful abuser. Such a revelation could readily push him closer to his grave.

Meantime, the user and abuser merrily goes about his/her way, having fun, enjoying life, traveling in style well, and enjoying flatteries. No. this is not an apologia for anyone who allows himself/herself be to used and abused – usually for a certain tempting consideration. He/she simply gets what he/she deserves. But this is not necessary in indicting the user and abuser. This is simply but timely advisory for people to beware of such morally and socially dangerous persons.

+OVCruz, DD
November 17, 2008