Monday, November 03, 2008

see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, do nothing

Once upon a time, there were but three famous monkeys—the see nothing, the hear nothing, and the say nothing baboons. During these particular times in this Country comes the complementary fourth monkey—the do nothing buffoon. With these four primates as their examples, people will experience silence and serenity just like the quiet and stillness reigning in the cemeteries practically the whole year round.

With the four primates as the composite pattern of human behavior, the human community as a whole becomes not only blind but also deaf, dumb and even pitifully incapacitated. It is in such a society that the corrupt thrive, the thieves rejoice, and the criminals celebrate. It is in such a Country where truth is silenced and justice is neutralized, where cheats and liars have fun, and where the weak become oppressed and the poor exploited. Meantime, it is in the same Country where the powerful and infamous go their merry ways as their big beneficiaries and well-favored grantees vow and kneel before them in adoring gratitude and subservience.

When a government is corrupt from top to bottom, when an administration is deceitful left and right, and when a national leadership is questionable in legitimacy, integrity and competency, there would be nothing more desirable and agreeable to these mighty and influential ones than to have a constituency basically composed of blind, deaf and dumb citizens with the added social liability of apathy and indifference, fear and fright.

Furthermore, such a government, administration or leadership simply love and relish the so called “spiritual leaders”, “religious preachers” and /or “Sect Founders” who only talk about the clouds, the angels and the heavens, who merely shout “prayers” and “praise” the Lord. They pray aloud. They say “Alleluia” often. They pronounce blessings and promise abundance. But as a standing rule, they are very silent about the import of truth against lies and deceit, the imperative of justice in dealing with graft and corrupt practices. Denouncing the gross misdeeds about public funds and challenging official thieves and goons is never in their agenda.

When Churchmen exclusively talk, teach and preach about the spiritual, the supernatural and the divine—they remain in a comfort zone. The same is true for Clerics who confine their ministry to saying novenas and following processions. Limit their apostolate to devotions and fiestas, dedicate themselves to the so called “KBP”--kasal, binyag, patay.

Such is a pacified ministry, a pacifying apostolate, both of which provide a comforting life and comfortable living. But woe to them, especially Church authorities, when they say the evil they see, hear the wrong deeds done, and say instead what is right and just—thus acting according to the Social Doctrine of the Church.

In this supposedly “Christian country,” they are ridiculed and lampooned, damned and condemned. They are even considered as downright traitors fomenting sedition. This is lamentable but understandable, unfortunate but expected!

+OVCruz, DD
November 3, 2008