Friday, November 14, 2008

impeachment country

THERE must be more than a hundred and one descriptive titles that can be rightfully appended to the Philippines. From its breathtaking shores to its balding forest, from its ever green rice and vegetables lands to its badly poisoned rivers, the Philippines is notable too for being home to a huge number of omnipotent politicos and starving citizens.

It is not wherefore something unthinkable for Filipinos to have another identifying title for their either blessed or cursed land—depending on who benefit the most or get practically nothing from it. This is because the Philippines is certainly an “Impeachment Country.”

This new national appellation has specific and special significance to the Philippines from the very start of the relatively too long incumbency of the considered national leadership, i.e., “too long” because it is now some long eight years ago since it came to power, considering that its legitimacy is still questioned up to these days.

Incidentally, it is not the practice in any part of the world that a supposedly duly-elected highest public official of a Nation is sworn into Office around midnight. Such an event alone is more than enough to cause acclamation, suspicion, wonderment or bewilderment. It is quite probable that such an intriguing and perplexing event is the first and the last that took place among tyrannical or democratic Nations in the whole globe.

No wonder wherefore that the legitimacy issue is still haunting the Malacañang occupant. But the truly depressed and depressing situation is that thereafter, a litany of other big and serious graft and corrupt practices have been—and still continues to be—attributed to the same national leadership.

In other words, constitutionally impeachable offenses have understandably caused the filing of the other Impeachment Complaint one after another. This practice has practically become a yearly phenomenon following exactly the same yearly ritual.

At the same exact date, time and place, an Impeachment Complaint is filed and as required by law, the Congress pretends to attentively look into it. As expected, the Congress ceremoniously pronounces that the Complaint is insufficient in form and or insufficient in substance—or any other similar jargon.

The Congressional Resolution apparently follows the same pattern or script: Throw out this Impeachment Complaint filed this year, and let another be filed come year next. Neat! Thus it is that no Impeachment Complaint against the present Malacañang occupant has even been heard to this late date.

Meantime, Impeachment Complaints will never be wanting, until there comes a time when there is no more to file. But as it appears lately, the Philippines could be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as precisely the one and only “Impeachment Country.” After all, another shameful Philippine record after so many of them, would not make any difference really.

This is exactly why despite the often repeated and over-used Malacañang mantra, that reads all should “move on,” these regular and ardent calls by and large fall on deaf ears. This is precisely because not a single Impeachment Complaint was ever allowed to “move on.”

+OVCruz, DD
November 14 2008