Monday, November 10, 2008

“A Call for Statesmanship for a Stronger Democracy and for Vigilance of Citizens”

The National Executive Committee of the Bishops-Businessmen’s Conference (BBC) formally made the above titled “Call” on October 4, 2008. It is possible that the appeal received less attention than what it rightfully deserved. It is also reasonable to assume that the pleading was not taken seriously as it justly merited.

Let it be well noted that the said “Call” did not come from individuals who were either ignorant of the real socio-political situation in the Country, nor had the time to engage in futile acts and vain rumor mongering. In other words, they know well not only the existing political and social liabilities, but also moral atrocities stored for the Filipinos unless these are both well attentive and much vigilant.

The key contents of the serious and urgent BBC “Call” are three fundamental and seriously disturbing resolves and pursuant designs on the part of those presently in tenure of all embracing power, unlimited wealth and over-all influence: One, “Charter Change” ultimately for the extension of the term, the office or whatever of the present national leadership. Two, “Martial Law” again ultimately for the extension of the terms, the office or whatever of the incumbent national leadership. And three, “other means” such as Emergency Rule or any equivalent, also ultimately for the extension of the term, the office or whatever of the ruling national leadership. The “Call” cannot be as clear and explicit as it stands.

Any of the three above foreboding resolves on the part of the administration in connivance with its numerous well rewarded allies in the national and local levels of government, is very real, vibrant and adamant.

There is but one only conclusion that can be drawn from the BBC Statement and this follow-up item thereon, viz., all Filipinos of good will and sound value system cannot but be extra attentive to and vigilant of the above cited likewise extra dangerous marked probabilities. Its ultimate consequence—once any of the fatal trio becomes actualized—is making everybody and everything in the Country subservient to the government leadership, reducing democracy to a mockery, placing graft and corrupt practices on the altar of worship and adoration.

Under threat of a hundred and one criminal and civil cases without the convenient and consoling mantle of immunity from suit, it is understandable though detestable that someone is definitely not prepared to relinquish the hold of practical omnipotence—encompassing power that has invaded and enveloped all the three branches of governments.

This is not merely about the addiction to power but also about the perceived accumulation of wealth of many kinds and in many ways that could be lost with the lost itself of a de facto supremacy and almighty stance.

+OVCruz, DD
November 10, 2008