Wednesday, November 05, 2008

administration – corruption

Time and again there is the phenomenon of the so called “twin birth,” viz., two infants conceived together in but one womb, herein grow together and eventually reach out for the outside world. There are three kinds of twins: First, two look–alike infants; second, two identical children; and third, two conjoined kids. It is this third paring that usually poses a problem. And the usual question is: it is possible or impossible to separate them? In other words, are they realistically and genuinely receptive not only of separation but also of distinction such that one is altogether distinct from the other? Or are they instead so intimately “conjoined” such that one is practically the other such that one cannot be without the other?

In this otherwise naturally wealthy and healthy Country, in the case of the usually patient and peace-loving people, there is one well-known and much felt disturbing and depressing fundamental problem of rather long standing. The troublesome issue has acquired many deep roots and thus has very extensive socio-moral impact in the course of time. The intensive and pervasive problem has been long since the “talk of the town” – such has been and will surely be the continuous and consistent subject matter of the one survey after another, not only in the Philippines but also in Asia as well as in the international community.

Those who allege that they do not know the marked predicament of the Country, must be from another plane, or simply dropped in Philippine soil from nowhere. And those who dare claim that no such curse of systematic corruption and syndicated graft specially among the many big time politicos and a good number of petty public officials—these so called “denial kings”—are either blind, deaf and dump, or principal and conspiring authors of such avaricious or covetous handling of public funds, or big beneficiaries themselves of graft and corrupt practices.

Otherwise, as practically everybody in the Country knows only too well, it has come to the extent that during these days and times, ADMINISTRATION – CORRUPTION is some kind of a conjoined twin. They are not only inseparable but also identical such that one means the other and vice versa. It has come to extent that when the administration repeatedly and ceremoniously promises to eradicate corruption through this and that multi-million budget item and foreign grants, even more corrupt acts and corrupting practice come to fore. What a farce!

The over-arching question is this: Could the ruling administration ever be cleansed from corruption? Could corruption be ever separated from the present administration? If so, when could this be?

Some personalities from the government, from the business sector and from the religious sector even, say with both ire and conviction that the people should simply wait till 2010 which is so near – yet also far from the assurance of what happens next.

+OVCruz, DD
November 5, 2008