Friday, October 24, 2008

U.S. preoccupation: November 2008 election fraud

It is not a secret that the very first among all the first world Countries is suffering only from a huge economic distress but also preoccupied with its much contested presidential elections come November this year. This is not to say the least that economic issues and political concerns are two separate realities. The world in fact is tired of witnessing that bad politics bring about also bad economy—in the same way that bad economy adversely influences politics. In other words, economy and politics have some kind of a symbiotic relationship.

Specifically about the US rather serious political preoccupation somehow long since being felt and discussed by many Americans more than before, there is grave concerns about the honesty and integrity of their forthcoming November 2008 elections. There are apparently some on-going community moves and organizational drives to install electoral cheating of one kind or another, to favor one presidential candidate over the other. So too there are accusations made and investigations undertaken, attempting to lessen if not altogether prevent electoral fraud.

Let it be said that the Philippines is not only a war torn Country in the sense that the government has been waging non-winning battles against the MILF and the PNP, against criminal and drug syndicates, against profiteers and smugglers. This not to mention the unlimited graft and corruption taking place all over the land, especially among many national and local public Officials. There is also much poverty in the Country, not to mention the progressive invasion of hunger hand-in-hand with the lack of social services. More and more sick elders cannot afford to buy the medicines they need, in the same way that more and more children no longer go to school.

In a word, this Philippines is in reality, a so called “third world Country”—notwithstanding all contrary grandiose claims and visionary projections of the ruling administration. The Country is buried in debt while the people are heavily taxed from birth to death. The government is dysfunctional and distrusted, depreciated and disrespected. There is the common feeling that the Philippines is now at its worse—since World War II.

Having said the above-mentioned negative social factors, it has to be unconditionally accepted and possibly even proudly proclaimed that the Philippines has one significant and singular expertise that even the US can learn and benefit much from: Election Fraud. This is one political specialization that this Country can rightfully claim and legitimately boast about in the four corners of the globe. Cheating before, during and after elections is a distinctive Philippine Flagship.

Conclusion: Better late than never! Let the Americans come to the Philippines to really know how to cheat and to learn how to cheat well for their November 2008 elections! This Country after all, has something to offer even to the US!

+OVCruz, DD
October 24, 2008