Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sufficiency in allies

Since the troublesome incumbency of the highest public official in the land, there has been an impressionable number of Impeachment Complaints filed to unseat the said Commander-In-Chief. Considering the many serious exasperating moves and distressing actuations thereto attributed, it would not be unrealistic to expect that together with the record disapproval ratings and embarrassing titles appended to the same Office holder, Philippine History might eventually record the not too much impeachment cases filed year after year since 2005 and possibly even up to 2009.

All the other public officials concerned—both pro or anti administration—have been all along surprisingly saying substantially the same things about such Impeachment cases, viz., it is but a political exercise or it is simply a numbers’ game. In other words, the cases are considered irrelevant whether they say the truth, they merit or forward really “impeachable” offenses—or otherwise.

There are even those who claim that impeachment cases are simply “bonus” times for those already expected to block them. In other words, said cases have already nothing to do as to what is ethically right or wrong, what is morally virtuous or vicious. It is the tyranny of numbers that in effect resolves such ethical and moral dimensions of Impeachment Cases.

Time and again, impeachment cases are qualified with “Sufficiency in Form” and or “Sufficiency in Substance”—or insufficiency of one or both. In the event that there is “insufficiency” found in either or both elements according to congressional judgment, then the cases are eventually considered but “garbage”. This practice by the present Lower House of Congress brings to mind a well known song, viz., impeachment cases submitted thereto submitted infallibly have the following end: “They just lie there. And their die there.”

It might be good to realistically analyze the plight of all the past and present impeachment cases filed before the Lower House of Congress of the Philippines since the incumbency of the MalacaƱang occupant. The standing fact is that all said cases are made to stand on a tripod: One, “Sufficiency in Form,” which in truth does not matter at all. Two, “Sufficiency in Substance,” which in reality does not also matter in any way. Three, “Sufficiency in Allies,” which is the political factor that truly, realistically and necessarily matters.

To be more concrete: The 2008 Impeachment Complaint is presumably not only in command of “Sufficiency in Form” but also in possession “Sufficiency in Substance”. But just the same, even this complaint definitely and eventually goes to the garbage, considering its ceremonial handling by the House of Representatives.

Reason: The subject of the complaint has “Sufficiency in Allies” among them. As long as the well favored and well cared for pro-administration Representatives are the big majority in the House, any and all impeachment cases are but symbolic in nature and significance. So sad but true!

+OVCruz, DD
October 22, 2008