Friday, October 10, 2008

public funds. public officials. public welfare

There are certain truths that remain as such notwithstanding all thoughts running to its contrary. This is just like if everybody believes and acts as atheists, this in no way means that there is no God. In the same way, artificial contraception especially with abortive possibilities remains intrinsically wrong, no matter how many politicians, pharmaceutical companies and groups of people say it is perfectly right and absolutely alright. In fact, it is possible to campaign and incite the people to vote for the abolition of the Ten Commandments. But these simply remain as they have always been existent and binding for thousands of years passed and those yet to come.

The same is true with the nature, origin and finality of Public Funds. Every single centavo of big or small amount of Public Funds, have their eventual direct or indirect origin from the people. The funds are qualified and wherefore called “public” precisely because of their original source plus their ultimate objective which is none other than the rightfully expected benefit of the people themselves. In other words, the standing truth is that since the money are sourced from the people, it may not be likewise destined for the common good or Public Welfare of the people themselves, with their Public Officials as but their conduits for the actualization of their communal advantage and fruition.

The truth is that Public Officials are rightfully considered as the Public Servants of the people. This is precisely why during the whole campaign season, candidates for elective public offices all sing one and the same old song, all make one and the same standard solemn promise: They will “serve” the voters. They will “serve” the people. They will “serve” the Country. Even the appointed Public Officials also all pledge that they will “serve” the citizens. If most even if not all of the elected and appointed Public Officials would truly be Public Servants, what a blessed nation the Philippines could become!

Public Funds for legitimate and ethical disposition by Public Officials for Public Welfare – this is the composite truth that Public Servants should seriously keep in mind and conscientiously observe in both their private homes and public offices. To think, to act and behave otherwise means the following sordid realities: they actually become traitors to the Country and enemies of the people. They emerge as the people’s real and incarnate tribulation and malediction. They simply turn out to be nothing less than big thieves and incorrigible crooks.

All the above observations experienced in life and wherefore said in truth are intensive and extensive factors that infallibly accompany wealthy Countries with poor and hungry people, rich nations with oppressed and depressed citizens. Thus stands the truth – the globe over. Sad but real! Pitiful but truthful!

+OVCruz, DD
October 10, 2008