Wednesday, October 08, 2008

past. present. future

The thoughts conceived and expressed under the above threefold title of an overarching time frame, specifically relevant to this Country in conjunction with the Malacanang leadership, are expressive of a sincere intention and imbued with an honest desire – imbued with but one overall finality, viz., the societal good of all, leader and constituents alike, the developmental benefit of people of the Philippines and of their Country itself as a whole.

While it is not wrong to point out the many wrong ingredients in Philippine Society, this can be readily done in another time, for another occasion. For instance:

Past: The years 2001 to 2008 have not been kind, much less beneficial to one and all. Most of the high national and local public officials are in fact looked down upon with big disdain if not much anger. Theirs have been one too many gross socio-economic misdeeds together with their accompanying socio-moral liabilities causing the deep and pervasive distrust of a good number of people. Said Officials could be telling the truth, but they are not believed. They could have good intentions, but they continue to be distrusted. The truth is that all leaders and followers are eventually losers in the past and to claim or allege the opposite would be one big lie.

Present: The years 2008 to 2010 can really be a time of redemption for public Officials all over the land – under the sincere desire and honest design of the national public Official. Though relatively short, the time span can still be also used for the down-to-earth salvation of the people from their curse of poverty and hunger. The some one and a half years of honest-to-goodness upright living and truly selfless dedicated work of the ruling administration cannot but earn not only the admiration but also the collaboration of the general public. It can still in make up for the lost time and discarded opportunities. Thus it is that the so called “global” economic crisis could even prove Filipino resiliency and ingenuity. There were much worst times before. The people of the Philippines nevertheless not only survived them all but even made the best out of them.

Future: The years 2010 and after will surely be very the promising times. This is if the people are assured once and for all that the incumbent national leadership will definitely then step down from power in peace and will relinquish the superlative Office with resignation. What great times the future will be if the people are certain that such alternative moves as Charter Change, Emergency Rule and the like are categorically considered non-options for the extension or continuation of the present administration. This rather optimistic expectation is not unrealistic if the year 2008 to May 2010 will be dedicated to forthright governance through upright governors—from the top to the bottom of the political hierarchy.

In other words, while the past did not prove admirable and endearing, the present can still become hopeful, and the future really promising, we can still ask, WHY NOT?

+OVCruz, DD
October 8, 2008