Friday, October 31, 2008

P100B fund to shield economy

Such was the bold, loud and glorious pronouncement recently made by Malacañang in brave and triumphant response to the global economic recession, depression, slowdown or the likes. It is but right and proper to note the following over-all key element in the said statement: It is but a “plan” in general for such equally generic intents and purposes – such as to help “ordinary Filipinos” by “upgrading infrastructures” , “strengthening the financial system”, “continued support of agriculture”, etc. etc.

Well and great! But as well known, the devil is in the details. Such impressive Malacañang illusory vision and probably even delusional mission have been in substance regularly claimed and proclaimed in one or another well published occasion, before this and that gathering of the cream of Philippines society, foreign dignitaries included.

But then where will be money really come from? How much and why will this or that private institution and or public agency actually provide the money? Who will truly manage and handle, disburse and account for the money? What for and how will the money be altogether spent for such lofty purposes? Who will in sincerity and truth check and counter check the expenditures made? And the least but certainly not the last question goes this way:

Who will pay for the gigantic fund so easy to conceive and propose, and as always, so hard to free it from graft and corrupt practices of official thieves and crooked officials?

The truth of the matter is that if but one half or even less of the glowing promises and breathtaking commitments made by the Malacañang occupant on the occasion of one dazzling SONA after another – one too many State Addresses in fact – the Filipinos would all be in "Cloud 9" and the Philippines would be practically in heaven. The standing and palpable reality however is as the citizenry are mostly miserable, hungry and angry, the land is ravaged by war and wasted by endemic greed as well as environmental pollutants.

The following more salient foresights are wherefore much more than rumors and gossips – while the prayer and hope remain to the contrary: First, the Malacañang occupant is definitely not prepared much less disposed to relinquish great power and huge influence even in 2010. Second, Charter Change wherefore is definitely on deck with deliberate design, decisive move and open promotion. Third, the underlying intent and fundamental objective of the said Change is the extension or continuation of the Malacañang incumbent in Office – under whatever constitutional provision.

It is thus not altogether improbable that the above planned “P100-B Fund,” together with the decisive procurement of many other proposed big foreign and local government debts, have but one and the same well hidden but much protected pivotal finality, viz., to fund not only the decided Charter Change but also the projected plebiscite. Needless to say, these exercises devour money – much much money!

+OVCruz, DD
October 31, 2008