Monday, October 27, 2008

legitimacy. integrity. competency

The long history of humanity is a vivid testament to what authentic, upright and capable national public leaders can and actually do for their respective people and country. Every one of them is a truly great blessing to the populace and a precious gift to the land. This is simply stating the obvious, viz., duly elected and accordingly identified basically good public leaders bring about one and the same much appreciated beneficial composite public good—along the principle stipulated by nature and reason, viz., what the basic cause is, such is its eventual effect.

The contrary is true. Woe to both people and country under the governance of a false, deceitful and incapable national leader – i.e., deceiving and misleading the population, wasting and wrecking the nation. The over-all infallible outcome of such a despicable and detestable national leadership is readily predictable whereas such is empirical, viz., the poverty and suffering of the people, the retrogression and misery of the Country. This standing reality is also according to the simple cause equal effect principle. In the Philippines, even the simple barrio folks have a rather known saying: What a tree is, such are also its fruits.

Legitimacy, as commonly understood and repeatedly invoked ad nauseam specially in this Country, has reference to why and how someone became an elected and accordingly proclaimed national public Official. A legitimately chosen and designated government Official for the exercise of national leadership means that the election, done for his or her to merit the position and distinction, was basically honest, orderly and peaceful. This is nothing extraordinary to ask for—but something clearly dictated by reason and truth.

Integrity, as usually perceived and ordinarily explained, is a human attribute synonymous with rectitude, honesty and decency. This is why a national public official adorned and in command to integrity becomes much appreciated, readily trusted and respected. Integrity on the part of a national leader begets an ethical strength and moral force in governing and ruling the Country. The opposite equals a complex national curse: Institutional graft and corrupt practices, official lies and systematic deceit, exploitation of people and pillaging the nation.

Competence, in a national government leader, is simply known and accordingly appreciated as a connatural ability and or learned capacity to do things right, to draw necessary plans, to program needed agenda and to successfully bring these to completion for the welfare and benefit of the governed. To know the right thing to do and to make what are right, true and just as standing social realities constitute competence.

It is so very sad that the incumbent holder of national leadership in the Philippines can be said to be in command of many things and thereby known for many things as well—except settled LEGITIMACY, proven INTEGRITY and established COMPETENCY. This explains the misery of the Filipinos and the shame of the Philippines among nations.

+OVCruz, DD
October 27, 2008