Monday, October 20, 2008

heartrending “MOA AD”

At the start, there was the avid design and great effort to keep the so called “MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT ON ANCESTRAL DOMAIN” a top secret government venture—on account of three pivotal and sequential reasons: First, to pompously bring peace to Mindanao. Second, to change the Philippine Constitution in order to accommodate the supra –constitutional Agreement. And third, to eventually extend the term of office of the present Malacañang occupant through a proper insertion in the Charter Change.

After the MOA AD was discovered by the general public through the loud and clear protestations of the some key leader stakeholders adversely affected by the supra—national Agreement, there were also three basic categories of strong reaction from all the three regions of the Philippines: One, the Agreement was both ridiculous and odious. Two, the said Agreement was not only unfair but also unjust. Three, the same Agreement was a real betrayal and veritable treason at the same time.

Lately, the MOA AD was interestingly kicked about and trampled upon, formally skewed and spewed upon, officially killed and deeply buried by no less than the Supreme Court of the Philippines. It is not frequent that no less than the Supreme Court in the Country invokes a litany of pitiful and detestable words, neatly arranged and said in but one breath: “…whimsical, capricious, oppressive arbitrary and despotic.” To condemn something it sees as superlatively atrocious and nefarious was precisely how the highest Court in the land came to understand, evaluate and judge the MOA - AD.

For the principal collaborators of the famous and infamous MOA AD to be in peace and at ease with what they surreptitiously designed is the epitome of callousness and heartlessness. For said characters to continue pretending to stand tall, to wear a straight face and to sport big smiles are but an utter lack of shame.

The over-all result of the supposed MOA AD for peace is now the standing cause of a bitter war in Mindanao. Authorities from the military and the police forces are hurt, crippled or even killed. Families are displaced and impoverished. Women long for help while children cry for food. They are all the real and big victims of those few, sly and powerful individuals behind the deviate Agreement. Meantime, these highly placed public officials remain in there very comfortable positions, are kept not only well dressed but also remain well groomed and fed.

With is so many big standing deleterious socio-moral liabilities, it stands to reason that the ruling administration is so hard to trust and depend on. Much more difficult it is to appreciate and to be grateful to it so much so that many are wonder what the next two years till May 2010 would bring. How bad can it be? What wrong can still happen? Truly, these are times that try the Country’s soul.

+OVCruz, DD
October 20, 2008