Wednesday, October 29, 2008

crime crying to heaven for vengeance

As a foul act, a vile reality, an odious exploit and a villainous move, a crime is said to cry to heaven for vengeance when it so obnoxious in nature and so callous in consequences such that the criminal is considered deserving not merely of earthly punishment no matter how severe—but deserving of nothing less than revenge from a higher authority. Needless to say, there must be but few crimes, few criminals that rightfully merit such severe retribution. Even the Holy Book makes mention of such dastardly actions that said to be “crying to heavens for vengeance.”

In this Country with basically good and simple people, there is a particular crime that has become so deleterious and systemic specifically in the corridors of political power and its allied cohorts. Not long ago, the CBCP itself found it in order to officially express it in the following terms: the widespread corruption in government “from top to bottom.” This is admittedly neither easy to say, much less pleasant to hear. It is quite probable however that the said Episcopal Conference simply stated what a good number of Filipinos already know and also say it so.

If the Philippines were not in fact rated with distinction in the index of corruption in the region and in the world, the ruling administration neither deserves special mention as having reached the summit of corruption. Moreover, a good number of the public Officials in both the national and local levels of government were not well noted and commonly considered as much corrupt characters. These Philippine situational factors are definitely neither gratifying to say, nor inspiring to hear. This could be precisely the reason why not few upright and trustworthy OFWs are looked down upon in the foreign Countries they are unhappily deployed in—even up to the extent of being painfully discriminated.

This is why it might be not only necessary but also quite timely to say that the crime of corruption in the Philippines has become so gross and rampant that such already cries to heaven for vengeance. In other words, so profound and so pervasive have corrupted and is corrupting criminals especially in the government sector that they already earn vengeance from the heavens above. Why?

Millions of children having no sufficient food to eat, no acceptable chance to grow up healthy and no realistic opportunity to go to school. Millions of adults with neither acceptable employment nor decent livelihood. Millions of elderly and sickly people without the resources to buy the medicines they badly need. Millions of citizens deprived of their needed common social services.

All these are eventually caused by flagrant and endemic corruption in the Country perpetrated by big and habitual theft, misuse and waste of public funds particularly by notorious government officials. Their ultimate victims are categorically millions. Their well deserved retribution can only come from above. Only if they realize the pitiful and fearful predicament they are squarely and deeply in!

+OVCruz, DD
OCTOBER 29, 2008