Monday, October 06, 2008

12% E-VAT: unreasonable. unconscionable. unjust.

Since its devious conception, odious approval and deleterious implementation in this poor Country with pitiful government, the 12% E-VAT has been the subject of a good number of public outrages, strong denunciations and loud protests. It is a moral certainty that only MalacaƱang and its famous loyalist beneficiaries feel great about the infamous and onerous indirect taxation. This is because with the E-VAT, the few powerful, influential and ego-centered public officials are perceived to be feasting on the millions of poor, helpless and destitute citizens all over the land.

It would take a good amount of inglorious mental gymnastics to conclude that the 12% E-Vat is reasonable especially in the presence of nationwide poverty and in the absence of employment, with the rise of prices of even basic communities and with the low purchasing power of the peso.

Only those who really have no conscience can even dare claim that the 12% E-Vat is conscionable. For them, it is the only fair and sincere way of qualifying the national economy concretely so under the long-ruling administration. As far as MalacaƱang is concerned, such unconscionable heavy and unforgiving taxation is good for the people, better for the Country, best for national development!

For charging the destitute, the elite, the business tycoons, the jobless, the professionals, the students and even the babies exactly the same 12% E-Vat is not only unjust but also unfair.

For one of the most basic principles or fundamental norms of social justice is that those who are more blessed in life should give more to society, in the same way that those who have but little, may give less. This is plain and simple equity.

But worst of all is that after the unforgiving payment of 12% E-Vat from daylight to sunset, seven days a week, the whole year through, from one’s birth to death, the persistent disturbing questions remain:

Where do all those taxes really go? What are they truly spent for? Who actually benefit from them?

Unreasonable. Unconscionable. Unjust. This is how to effectively describe and qualify the 12% E-Vat.

And to claim that the said big indirect taxation gimmick is pursuant to reason, according to conscience and in conformity with justice is nothing but one big sick joke!

+OVCruz, DD
October 6, 2008