Wednesday, September 03, 2008


The present administration that has been in command of the affairs of the Country for some eight years too long, has been given different titles of shame, has been appended with different brands of infamy. But all these inglorious appendages and disgraceful nomenclatures notwithstanding, people have to admit that it just goes on in its merry-way – without the least minding its highest rating in shady dealings and lowest grading in honorable actuations. This is certainly not its pejorative but simply objective evaluation by local, regional and even international agencies concerned with government performance.

Such an enviable nonchalant stance of the ruling administration cannot but be a possible expression of its anesthetized mind frame, a probable manifestation of its kind of a narcotized emotional constitution. Be as it may, the incumbent administration can still be credited with strong determination although leading to its own self-destruction, cannot but be commended for spunk and grit that are however precisely digging its own deep and dark grave. How pitiful is self-deception or self-delusion – especially so if such is the living reality on the part of those wielding much political power buoyed up by practically inexhaustible public wealth.

Needless to say, the incumbent administration has already developed a consummate expertise: It is nothing less than both an admirable and ominous CRISIS EXPERT. No! it is not expertise in crisis management but its exact opposite: It is an expert in creating one national crisis after another at the expense – as customary of the people’s welfare and the Country’s development, at the cost of the esteem and trust of the international community and foreign investors. Its expertise in creating a litany of crisis is simply phenomenal.

Less a big nausea is felt once too often, it will be sufficient for the moment to point out the very first national crisis the still existing administration staged: The “Hello Garci” tapes. And the present – although not necessarily the last – on going regional crisis it authored: The Memorandum of Misunderstanding on “Bangsamoro Juridical Entity.”

These two crises alone – and there are certainly many big ones between them – are enough to try men’s soul! Yet as the people cry, their “lucky” leader is still all smiles! Political crisis. Economic crisis. Moral crisis. Name it and the national leadership is an avowed expert in causing it one after another.

No wonder then that many people ask many questions.

The religious ones ask: “Does God not love us anymore?”

The simple ones ask: “What wrong have we done?”

The angry ones ask: “When do we act?”

Practically everybody is asking: “When shall we have enough to eat, when shall we eventually find work, when shall we be again able to send out children to school, when shall we have a government we can trust and be proud of?”

It is consoling to think that as everything on earth has a beginning, so to it has an end. In the same way, what goes up, ultimately goes down.

+OVCruz, DD
September 3, 2008