Wednesday, September 10, 2008

contraception and abortion

There has been already more than enough immorality in the Country such as adultery, rape, prostitution, unwanted pregnancies and forced marriages so much so that HIV AIDS infections, together with other sexually transmitted diseases, are on the rise. Given the situation, some legislators, who claim to be “concerned” on the skyrocketing immorality rates and its risks push for a “Contraception Bill” to address this and to help depopulate the Nation through all conceivable means and gadgets. But no matter how “safe” or “protective” artificial contraceptive drugs and devises are advertised, every thing is altogether false nor reasonable.

In the like manner, there has been more than enough criminality than those police authority can handle—such as murders committed during daylight as well as night time, not to mention those that come in form the of hideous abortions. This is why fetuses are disturbingly found here and there, some of them shamefully thrown at garbage dumps or simply left behind in different unlikely places.

If only the issue can be taken seriously, one can definitely confirm that contraception and abortion are intimate partners to the extent of being twins at times—notwithstanding all convictions, pretensions and arguments to the contrary.

But even then, what is the use of mandating a contraception bill when abortion is already prevalent? Can the pro-contraception bill actually eradicate abortion?

This is why the rather kilometric and cryptically titled bill “An Act providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population Development, and for other Purposes,” is not yet even approved by the Legislature.

It is not hard to see that the title of the bill alone says many words and forwards so many things at once yet its open-ended phrase “For other Purposes” suggests its hardly realized humungous price tag and grave moral costs.

The truth of the matter is, that the bill will lead to the implementation of an immoral policy—a proposed synthetic artificial contraceptives eventually designed to ruin health as it slants the idea of responsible parenthood to issues of depopulation, which proponents claim will result to progress among underdeveloped countries like ours.

As the legislature deliberates and the concerned citizens debate on the issue, the multi-national companies manufacturing contraceptive drugs and devices must be looking forward to the passage of the bill. This is apparently because such approval will see for themselves a brisk sale of their products, a joyful raking in of profits.

It is rather difficult to assume that these big corporations are moved by their concern for the poor. Neither are they really motivated by their desire to promote national development, nor are they fundamentally concerned with the health of people. Instead, it is “business as usual” which at times can be gross and cruel.

After all, no human act, no legislative bill, no executive function, no judicial work is over and above morality. Morality is neither irrelevant in politics, not indifferent in a secular society. Irrespective of the race, color and creed of those concerned, the moment individuals fool around with private morals, the moment the government disregard public morals, then the families and Country are in big trouble respectively. This is the standing lesson of history.

+OVCruz, DD
September 10, 2008