Wednesday, August 20, 2008

questions. questions. questions.

If Malacañang is repeatedly promising economic development for the Country, why is there instead pervasive poverty and intense misery among the people? If the present administration is tirelessly preaching integrity and probity in government service, why is the leading government preacher spanked with the highest ratings in corruption and furthermore showered with the lowest grades in trust and confidence? If the chief executive is always dressed in impressive clothes if not queenly gowns, reeking with manifest pride and great self confidence, why do people look at the subject figure with disgust and disdain, up to the extent of burning monstrous effigies?

It was earlier recalled that before the bad present of the Country, there was even that blessed year of 2001 when the said subject character promised and denied nursing an interest in running for the highest office in the land. But then again, why is it that precisely the same “Denial Queen” has since been the principal Malacañang Palace occupant?

If she is prophesying super-region and dangling the prediction of a first world Country, why is it that the prophet has been instead continuously delivering moral decay, social liabilities and economic woes one after another, all over the land? If she is claiming much love and sincere concern for the Filipinos, why is it that precisely during their days of distinct trails and lamentations, the claimant instead went abroad to have a great junket in the United States and to enjoy much the games in China?

If she claims herself to be the great Patroness of the poor and the hungry, how come the same supposedly great humanitarian has made people poorer and much hungrier? Why is it that the same benefactress immensely enjoys making people as pitiful beggars – pleading for groceries and subsidies?

It would not have been that incongruous if the said supposedly philanthropist incarnate were not accompanied by heavily armed guards and ferocious dogs – plus APCs at a times – when going here and there to be among the people.

If she speaks as if a blessed saint, an indefatigable work-loaded leader and selfless public official, why is it that the speaker is the target of dissent and resentment, the object of sick banter and sickening jokes?

Among all these already many questions is the primary query of: How many people have died? How many families have to be displaced? And how many houses have to be burned in Mindanao only in order to give a chance for Malacañang to keep its main occupant for as long as humanly or inhumanly possible?

In conclusion, something is wrong – very wrong – with the incumbent national leadership.

Full of self-confusion, it thereby causes a lot of contradictions. Imbued with self-righteousness, it sends its lowly subjects to the socioeconomic quagmire. As mush as it holds itself angelic in Cloud 9, so low it goes in corrupt contracts and odious secret deals.

Now, the concluding questions: How long could such a ruling administration with a confused value system and a split in priorities, lasts – even with big patience, known kindness and much leniency of its subjects?

+OVCruz, DD
August 20, 2008