Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a new form of government

Recently, there were again much talk – propositions, speculations, projections – about the form of government that this Country supposedly needs and yearns for. While many say the present bicameral form of government should be retained, some are looking forward to a federal system of government. While others are contemplating over a parliamentary form of government, millions of Filipinos on the other hand are not the least interested in the political intramurals, saying these have no bearing on their empty and aching stomachs.

In a probability, practically the entire People of the Philippines would agree that this long and much suffering Country has the distinction of having in fact found another form of government – without intending much less desiring it.

For purposes of historical records, the Philippines has so far managed to live in a novel form of government since the incumbency of the ruling administration. It can be legitimately and realistically called a “DEPRESSING FORM OF GOVERNMENT.”

In its popular understanding, depression is a state of gloom and dejection. It is the same as despondency and desolation. A dispirited present and helpless future – this is what a depressed person feels and foresees, and this is exactly what the people of this Country experience. Of course, there is an exception to this real and factual State of the Nation. These are precisely those running the depressing government by impoverishing the people while enriching themselves, by wielding power and influence while oppressing the citizens.

Ever since it took over the running of the government, its Chief Executive, together with privileged allies and blessed cohorts, is very successful indeed in causing one distressing problem after other at the expense of the people. It is very agile in bringing about a long litany of tormenting graft and corrupt practices at the cost of public welfare. Glorious promises became shameful realities. Glowing predictions turned into pitiful situations. What it says, the opposite it true. When it predicts the best, expect the worst. This is how depressing the present government has become.

And at the eve of its demise – hopefully – lo and behold what this government has for the people: War! Guns fire, and lives are lost. Anger and hatred are let loose, and houses are burnt while livelihood is lost. As usual, the biggest victims of war are precisely those who want nothing of it. Yet the deaths of innocent people, the destructions of their little properties plus the dislocation of their dear families – all these are very conveniently and neatly called “Collateral Damage.”

The government initialed an agreement it could not deliver. It wanted a charter change it could not sell. It aimed at an extension of office it could not cut. All these were the preamble of the war now raging in Mindanao. Poor Filipino people for having a Depressing Form of Government! When will their oppression end? When will their salvation come? Who will their redeemers be?

+OVCruz, DD
August 27, 2000