Monday, August 18, 2008

design for peace equals war in fact

It is strange but true that whatever Malacañang says and does make the country wonder, keep the public alert and cause fear among the people. Even other Malacañang allies and loyalists known or feel the same but try their best however to keep quiet, less they be thrown out of their privileged circle. This popular perplexity, vigilance and apprehension are reasonable considering that time and again, concordant surveys consistently showed Malacañang to garner lowest in trust rating and highest in corruption.

The more recent debacle orchestrated by Malacañang is the much taunted Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) for peace in Mindanao that instead brought a fierce war in the region. Reliable reports not only show that instead of peace, tanks are roaring, canons are blazing plus guns of all makes are spewing bullets. This is the amazingly disgusting and depressing reality of the incarnate self-contradiction of Malacañang, viz., while promising peace and harmony in Mindanao, it is instead reaping the downright killing and wounding of people, their big displacement and impoverishment.

It has now become an open and cruel secret that the MOA-AD is eventually geared at changing the Philippine Constitution because the agreement is patently contrary to the Fundamental Law of the Land. But here it does not end, there is also the surreptitious desire and pursuant hideous intent to prolong the powerful and capricious Malacañang reign after 2010—through a constitutional amendment of one kind or another. This is deviousness at its best on the part of a government devoid of moral ascendancy but saturated with graft and corrupt practices.

If such is still possible under the ruling administration: How many more lives have to be killed? How many more families have to be impoverished? How many more barangays especially in Mindanao have to be made no man’s lands? How many more—only for Malacañang to hold on to power?

Meanwhile, the killing, the wounding and displacement of people—all Filipinos—become even more, as the violence and atrocity in the place go on. When will such atrocities to men, women and children eventually end, no one can really tell.

In fact, the situation has even become more ominous and very dangerous to the people pf the Philippines—courtesy of omniscient Malacañang. There is the standing report that as the MILF is mad at the present administration, the MNLF is now in operative sympathy with MILF. Under such a big predicament, it might good for Malacañang to really know and actually count those in honest and sincere sympathy with it. This will not take long.

It is not really downright folly to ask Malacañang: What’s next? Emergency rule? Martial law? Or it is something else that is neither here nor there? Who knows? Whatever it be, it cannot be ingenious but gross.

+OVCruz, DD
August 18, 2008