Friday, July 25, 2008

the problem

The problem is certainly not the P1 billion power subsidy for those consuming less electricity. The problem is neither to the other P1 billion support for the metro-financing projects of those in the transport sector, nor the P1 billion aid for government hospital improvements and for the elderly.

It is neither the P1 billion funds for the relief and rehabilitation of the typhoon “Frank” victims, nor the P1 financing for scholarship grants and student loans. The problem is not even the additional P4 billion subsidies for food consumption and energy expenses of the poor.

Even the very onerous, cruel, heinous and obnoxious expanded value-added tax (E-VAT) is not really the problem. For to sustain social peace and order, public welfare and common good, citizens have to pay tax – be it direct or indirect. The people have to fund their public officials and support their plans, programs and projects not only for the latter’s rightful personal requirements but also for their official agenda. After all, government officials are supposedly working for the benefit of the people.

Not even the enormous debts incurred by the ruling administration constitute a problem although these obliges people from one generation to another to pay big debts presumably for the their advantage. It is neither the onerous agreements entered into the present government amount to a problem, nor the Executive Order 464, which dictates that national confidentially norm is intended to protect the legitimate interests of the country.

What then is the honest to goodness problem? What is the big fuss and hiss? Why are there so much murmurs and rumors? Why are there so many rallies, long marches and interminable demand? Is flying abroad to cement regional cooperation and to beef up international relations or going around the country to hand out groceries and subsidies here and there the problem? No. This is not the problem.

The problem, the huge, real, persistent and pestering one, is a much distrusted administration, a highly disapproved government, a most dissatisfying national leadership. This is the fundamental problem!

Where do those billions go? What are all those big expenses for?

This is the national problem!

And as elementary reason says the principal problem and its effects remain as long as the primary cause stays, this degree and stage of the problem of the country could not be resolved with either big socio political cosmetic moves or even expensive vaudevilles.

+OVCruz, DD
July 25, 2008