Wednesday, July 23, 2008

money going out of style

This is the best and only way to describe and qualify why Malacañang appears to squander the very hard earned people’s money and public funds forcibly taken from them in form of exacting direct and cruel indirect taxes, apart from the public debts nonchalantly marred by the government and infallibly paid by the people as well.

This appears to be someone or something supposedly the repository of national pride and trust, gleefully wallowing in the putrid waters of corruption while professing competence and exhibiting industry. This is not only corny. This is amorality.

Incidentally, it is truly a great pleasure for somebody to spend someone else’s money without remorse, to throw away money that one has not truly toiled and sweated for, and to be prodigal with the money of the people, from the people and for the people.

This is the precise and living picture of practically an eight-year-long socio-economic plague besieging the country. This national misfortune is certainly being recorded in Philippine History—with expressed mention as to the who and what, and why and how such a phenomenal human authored disaster came to exist and continues to persist in the country.

Earlier, it was reported that the Commission on Audit (COA) recently released very disturbing and disgusting figures in conjunction with the so called “Palace Expenses.” In a nutshell, it was found out that more than P1 billion was spent by Malacañang for “travel expenses,” “cash advances” and “donation” in year 2007.

While such an enormous amount is already hard to write down, considering the so many zeros therein, there is the strong probability akin to certitude that very few have ever counted at one time such a colossal amount of money. But, Malacañang spent even multi-billions of pesos without batting an eyeless eyelash.

Meantime, millions of Filipinos find it hard to buy rice, to eat three times a day, or to buy medicines. Parents of millions of children can no longer afford to send them to school. Millions of employees workers are at a lost how to make their salaries and wages satisfy their family needs. This is in addition to millions of Filipinos feeling offended and depressed for not finding decent employment in the country.

This brings us to the reason why millions too leave their families behind to become OFW despite the discrimination they experience and danger they meet as a matter of course.

And there is the glorious Malacañang—with grandiose claims and graceful exhibitions costing the people the following more detailed scandalous and nauseating expenses as per COA report: some P588 million + P34 million in travel expenses, plus some P594 million in cash advances.

Meantime, the wealthy and the beggar, the young and the adult, the children and the elderly are forcibly paying E-VAT technically translated as extended - Value added taxes” but really meaning “universal – Value added taxes”. If this is not revolting, it is hard to say what it is.

+OVCruz, DD
July 23, 2008