Monday, July 28, 2008

gambling unlimited

Apart from all the shameful and distressing attributions credited to the ruling administration, such as the double whammy title of the "Most Corrupt" and the "Least Approved", there is another singular label that it rightfully deserves to get: “The Biggest Gambling Lord in the Country!” If today’s State of the Nation Address would be truthful, the one delivering it should not forget to claim the title as a debasing accomplishment and a disgusting victory--but factual at least.

Despite sound opposition of concerned citizens, this government has legalized gambling as a flagship project in the country. In fact, it has seen to it that corporate gambling--even in such a strict business zone with flourishing private enterprises like the U.N. Avenue in Manila--slowly but surely invades all yielding provinces across the archipelago. This is the pitiful state of affairs in a land where the government is a gambling operator itself.

But lo and behold, surprise, surprise! Syndicated legalized gambling has not only proliferated all over the land but has also been conquering space for some time now. Also known as "Cybergambling," this very technical, high end and well secured operation is actually maintained in conspiracy with the government.

Proof of this is the mere establishment of some 195 online gambling boots. With the proliferation of stations being eyed for additional gambling facilities, online gamblers are certainly mushrooming too.

Adding insult to injury is the survival of illegal gambling syndicates that have become even more aggressive, more cold-blooded and all the more lucrative during the tenure of the incumbent administration. The gambling situation in the country was already bad seven years ago but the grueling years under her saw it at its worst.

Candidly operating in public places under broad daylight, illegal gambling masters work through countless bet collectors while government officials and public authorities, conveniently look at it as profitably as business partners would. Just as the 2010 national elections come nearer, so does illegal gambling become more daring.

Never mind if more Filipinos are getting hungrier as less children go to school. Never mind if the cost of basic commodities goes higher compared with the purchasing power of peso becomes lower. Never mind if the people find it hard to purchase rice, to find employment, to hope and expect a better future. Never mind all these! True enough, the government never minds these for they have all the gambling they want -- on land and in space!

As the 2008 SONA sees the best of the present and foretells of even much better things to come in the days ahead, the truth is that MalacaƱang has been fast exhausting the patience of the people and effectively wasting the funds of the nation--to the extent that it has been repeatedly pronounced "morally bankrupt." There is valid reason to expect even worst socio-political unrest and economic debacle to come--especially with the incumbent president still holding the reigns till 2010, or even after.

Something good and admirable certainly remains with the citizens, however, something fundamentally wrong is still ingrained in their government.

+OVCruz, DD
July 28, 2008 (SONA: A Day of Mourning)